Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 255 - Memory point, breathing through mouth within asthma

So, lately I've been trying to 're-program' myself to breathe through my nose. For as long as I can remember, I've breathed through my mouth. That's what I have to do, actually..ask my mother/father, lol. They've obviously known me since birth.

I did have asthma for basically my whole life up until I was about 21. So, that could very well be the reason that I breathe through my mouth. I can get more air to my lungs through breathing through my mouth, so I may have automatically resorted to that, because I did struggle to breathe a lot as a child, and a teenager.

I saw a doctor about it today, too. He said that it could be from a number of reasons, deviated septum...other medical issues. He also said it could very well be "psychological issues" and that I could therefore sort of do-it-myself as to re-structure my breathing technique to breath through my nose. I've read a lot of articles indicating that breathing through the mouth is not healthy. Because of fumes, it can also cause facial muscles to move (such as my jaw).

So - I had a CT scan today and I got my nose scanned. I don't get the results of that until tomorrow/in a few days. So, it would be cool if it were 'psychological issues' - then I could keep applying self-forgiveness and perhaps through that, and practical application - be able to overcome my mouth-breathing.

But for now, I think that my cause/origin of my mouth-breathing could very well be because of my need to cope with my asthma. And I struggle to breathe through my nose because in my mind I'm thinking that nose-breathing 'won't work' or it 'won't be as good' as mouth-breathing - like that I'm allowing a fear of potential asthma to get to me if I choose to nose-breathe.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to be influenced through my breathing technique through the memory of my reliance to breathe through my mouth because of my asthma condition in which I previously had.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed the thought of "If I nose-breathe instead of mouth-breathe, then I will not be able to cope, and I'll run out of breath." - within that, I commit myself to practically guide myself and move my myself to physically breathe through my nose as often as I can, as to realise within myself and teach myself that I CAN breathe through my nose.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed the memory point of asthma to dictate me in breathing through my mouth through the point of fear - fear within the unknowing of what will happen to my body, if I'll die if I choose to not breathe through my mouth - within this, I realise that I've grown accustomed to mouth-breathing so much, that it's become a habit. I commit myself to break this mouth-breathing habit since it is both unhealthy, and I have no asthma condition currently.

When and as I see myself struggling to move myself practically and physically to nose-breathe, I stop and breathe. I realise that I'm allowing myself to be held back by my mind in the backchats that I will die if I nose-breathe instead of mouth-breathe.

I commit myself to LET GO of the memory/fear within myself of relying on mouth-breathing to 'live' within asthma - I commit myself to slowly but surely guide myself within my physical body to slowly learn to nose-breathe - pushing myself, but not going overboard.

I commit myself to realise that I CAN change the way in which I breathe - I commit myself to realise that I won't be breathing through my mouth my whole life, that I can change it - I realise that just because I breathe through my mouth now, doesn't mean that I'll breathe through my mouth for the rest of my life.

I commit myself to ALWAYS be AWARE of my physical breathing, not only within stopping in the moment and breathing as I do to not participate within my conscious mind thoughts, but also to be aware in general about my breathing, to slowly breathe through my nose WITHOUT the participation in backchats that I will 'run out of breath'.

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