Thursday, 21 August 2014

Day 265 - Part 3, Too hard on myself within missteps within my process

I commit myself to not see a misstep as a failure on my behalf, but to see it as a learning experience in which I realise, and then change my approach to the point depending on what I must do as to not participate in the reactions in relation to the point at hand.

I commit myself to not see the reasoning of myself having to 'restart' my process on account of making a misstep within my process as I write about something, yet still physically manifest it within myself.

I commit myself to put in the necessary effort/requirements as to change myself physically/practically as to realise the words in which I wrote and live the words that I wrote in order to change myself and not manifest the points that I've already written about within self-forgiveness and commitment statements.

Within this all, I commit myself to not attempt to 'fit in' my writings ALL into a single blog/single day - realising that the multiple-dimensional points in which I encounter, they require ADDITIONAL days to 'break'.

I commit myself to take the time to dissect points, even if it takes me days, weeks, realising that the more that I write about a point in terms of being as thorough as I can be, the LESS likely that I will encounter a misstep within my process in the first place - and therefore avoid a chain reaction of events of manifesting multiple points - I commit myself to take one point at a time, over as many days as it takes, until I am FREE from the point and therefore do NOT need/or manifest the point within my physical reality.

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