Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Day 269 - Candy Crush Saga, expecting things in return..

So, I actually found Bernard's post on the benefits of playing Candy Crush Saga, which can be read here. Surprisingly, I found this link by accident on the a Desteni hate website. The hate website was attempting to show that writings concerning the potential benefits of playing Candy Crush Saga were 'odd'.

Anyway, reading that article was the 'kick' I needed to actually give Candy Crush Saga a go. I enjoy playing it. One has to think ways around situations, make sure they align the appropriate colours as to then cause a 'reaction' when colours from above then fall and create more reactions to earn points through obtaining lines of colours/blocks. I started playing Candy Crush Saga, and the day after I first played it, I got a request or 2 about people wanting/needing tickets to get to the next episode/area.

And I looked at the requests concerning this from the point of "Hmm, but..will that person 'return' this ticket that I am giving them by giving me a ticket or a live now/in future?" Lol. It's like, I only wanted to help someone if another was willing to help me in getting past/further into the Candy Crush Saga game. I felt like I myself wanted to receive benefits/lives/tickets prior to me giving benefits/lives/tickets to others. I was waiting for others to help me before I potentially help them. And in the back of my mind, I was also thinking.."I might not even help others that have helped me, am I obliged to help them just because they helped me?".

And the answer to that is NO. And it's the same for when I assist another in getting past an area or assisting someone within Candy Crush Saga. I should be WILLING to assist another, and NOT expect assistance in return. They don't owe me anything at all, they don't owe me lives or tickets. I willingly gave someone tickets/lives. There's no written rule or rule in general that states 'One must return the favour or be doomed for all eternity..' That would be a bit bizarre.

And I did help someone. Well, yesterday, I opened Candy Crush Saga and saw that 4 people needed extra lives to get past certain areas (I'm still a bit unfamiliar with the needs/lives/tickets etc). Anyway, I sent these people extra moves. And it was cool. It was so easy to do. It required me to literally click one button, lol. That's it. And it's really cool being able to assist others in some way. It works for me, and it works for them. And actually, 2 people that I sent help to, they sent help back to me. Was that cool? Yeah, it was cool. Was it necessary? No. Did I expect it? NO.

So, either way, if they were to return the favour to me or not, there's no reason or excuse for me to go into for instance a state of anger if I assist someone in getting past a level in Candy Crush Saga, and get nothing back. Expecting things is not cool of me to do.

Self-forgiveness/commitment statements to come..

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