Saturday, 30 August 2014

Day 274 - Panicking when I thought my tyre popped


I suppose this title is pretty straight forward and to the point, but this is my reasoning for panic. This happened about 2 weeks ago. I say 'happened', but it didn't actually happen. Let me explain: I was casually driving my car, as you do, I was driving to the shops. So..I pulled up at a red light, and I heard what definitely sounded to me like...a burst car tyre. Like, a nail or some sort of sharp object could have burst my car tyre. And the sound of air being let out of the said car tyre.

I FREAKED out. I thought to myself "FUCK, one of my tyre's have burst, and when this light turns green, I'll be fucking stranded and have people honking their horns behind me and cursing me to fucking move my car while I sit here like an idiot not being able to move in my car because of my burst tyre!". So I panicked as I heard this air releasing. I thought for sure that it had to be my car. I've sort of had a history of car fuck-ups so to speak. My car is rather old. It's probably getting towards the end of its life. I will replace it in due time.

Anyway, as the air was being released from my 'apparent' car tyre, I sort of ignored it. My window was rolled down, but I pretended like I didn't hear it. I ignored it. I didn't put my head out of my window to check my tyres. I had a bit of a look at the people around me and beside me in their cars. They weren't looking at me or looking panicked themselves. I'm sure it wasn't just me exclusively hearing this air release from some unknown thing. Anyway, the light turned green and I drove. My car seemed fine. I noticed no flat-tyre-ness. Not that I've ever drove with a flat tyre before, but I'm sure I'd notice some sort of hindrance of my car was not driving as well as it could. Well, I guess even if one of my tyre's had blown, I could still drive. So, perhaps I wouldn't have been 'stuck' and therefore had people swearing at me and honking their horns at me to fucking move my car.

I got to the shops, and I actually totally forgot to check my car tyres. It wasn't until I got home that I remembered "Shit, I forgot to check my car tyres when I got to the shop." So, I checked my car tyres when at home and they all seemed fine. All had the same amount of air in them. So, that air-leakage was NOT associated with my car/my car tyres. So I ended up panicking over nothing. But what I did panic over was the thought of people's judgements towards me as I was stranded at the green light, ..that's about all. I thought there was a multitude of reasons as to why I was panicking, but that was it, people's judgements and their potential swearing/cursing/frustrations at me for being stuck with a flat tyre.

But then again, that is unfortunately the sort of society we live in these days. I've seen other road drivers become stuck on the spot for whatever reason, and instead of we as humans assisting one another or being respectful to one another in times of need, we curse eachother, we do this instead of assisting eachother. It's not that person's fault that their car has issues for whatever reason. I mean, perhaps they knew there was a problem and they should have got it fixed beforehand, but it's happened now. We should all learn to exercise patience while a mechanic or something alike can come and fix the car or take the car to get repaired, instead of having people swearing and being inconsiderate/impatient towards the person/owner of the vehicle.

Self-forgiveness/commitment statements to come.

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