Saturday, 6 September 2014

Day 280 - Fear of taking responsibility


Okay, here is specific context for this entry: It was a Sunday, and on a Sunday, the people living in the area that I live in, they put their rubbish bins out onto the nature strip for the bins to then be emptied by the garbage disposal people who come and empty the rubbish bins sometime on Monday. So, usually..well at the house that I'm living at currently, I always try to avoid doing this, I try to avoid putting the bins out onto the nature strip. The reason that I try to avoid doing this is because where I live, the nature strip outside of the house, it's sort of slanted, it's on a slope somewhat - so, I don't want to be the responsible one if a wind or something alike comes and pushes the bin from the nature strip, and onto the road - causing rubbish that was inside of the bin to fly out all over the road and possibly onto vehicles, which could in turn blind that vehicle driver and render them to be in a car accident.

I mean, that is certainly a major WHAT IF scenario right there. I mean, I wouldn't say it's likely for some rubbish to cause a major car accident. Anyway, so I was avoiding responsibility by not taking the bins out myself, and instead letting someone else who lives at my house to do so. That way, I wouldn't be blamed for the bins potentially being on the road because of the slant/slope and a wind or something pushing the bin over and onto the road. That was how I saw this scenario.

So, logically speaking, my options for putting the bin onto the nature strip is to either put it in a different location that might be a bit further away from the driveway/house, and doing so to find a more flat piece/area of turf. Or, putting the bin further back from the road, because the nature strip is only slanted on the area towards the roads. The only reason that I avoided doing that was because I was unsure as to how far back I should be putting the bins. Because the garbage disposal people usually drive past in trucks which automatically pick up the bins, empty them, then drop the bins back onto the ground - emptied.

But, I'm sure their automated rubbish-picking up mechanism has the ability to go a bit further as to reach the rubbish bin if it's back a bit, and if not, they may have to exit the vehicle and empty my rubbish bin manually - which I've seen be done before. But it depends on my options. I'd rather have to do that, than the bin falling onto the road and rubbish being all over the road, I don't want that happening. That can endanger all life in one way or another. And I don't want to litter the place one way or another. So - I'm not going to put the rubbish bin super close to the road just for the garbage disposal people to have an easier job in emptying the bin, because in doing so, I'm increasing the likelihood of the bin toppling over before the garbage disposal people come to empty my bin, and them actually finding the bin and all the rubbish all over the road. That does not help anyone/anything, myself and the garbage disposal people included.

Self-forgiveness/commitment statements to come


  1. or maybe place something on the lower side of the slope to level it out for the bin to stand on.