Monday, 8 September 2014

Day 282 - Giving into persuation


I basically got a call out of the blue the other day. I had been applying for jobs on a certain website, and some person that deals with associations within the website, they offered me this online course in management. So, I could use it for future occasions within managing businesses/teams. The thing is, at the time of the call, this really did not interest me. I had just finished a different course a few days before getting this call, and I wasn't ready to do a whole new course that would take me at least 6 months to complete. I was focused on getting a job only, not doing another course. And, for the job/jobs that I wanted, I didn't need this particular qualification to get a job, and it wouldn't help me at all for the jobs that I wanted to get into.

I'm looking at this and saying this in hindsight. Thing is, at the time of the call, I blindly accepted and said to this person that I'd give the course a shot. So this person assisted me in filling out these forms online. It was rather quick, but within myself, I knew this was a complete waste of time - both filling in these details, and signing up for the course. This person was doing their absolute utmost to persuade me into signing up for this course. The thought came into myself that this person may get commissions for enrolling me and others into the course. It certainly sounded that way. They were doing all they could to sign me up, telling me how 'great' the course was, and all the potential jobs I could then get into after completion of the course.

After further investigation as to why I 'gave into persuasion' and enrolling into the course, I found it hard to say NO. This is a point I have somewhat worked through within charities. You know, those people that set up stalls and such in 'ideal' locations as to stop us after we shop or on the way to the shop, and 'ask for a minute of our time' hehe 'minute'. And you end up talking to them, or rather, they end up talking to you for 10 minutes about this great charity that will help everyone and 'delete' poverty. I always gave into that. I felt a 'guilt' within myself if I were to bypass that offer of assisting others. But I did get past that point, and haven't signed up for any charities or the like since writing.

Another point was making their life easier in terms, they had been talking to me for 15 minutes trying to persuade me into doing this course. I didn't give them a definite answer by saying NO, I don't want to do this course...I did not say that (of course realising that I should have said those words). So after 15 minutes of being persuaded somewhat, I thought I'd be kind and accept the offer. I did write about this previously too, where I sort of attempt to make others' lives easier and just ignore making my own life easier eg. Saying NO, or...basically saying NO and hanging up the phone earlier, rather than wasting my time listening to these persuasion tactics.

Okay, self-forgiveness/commitment statements to come.

Focus points are:
1. I find it hard to say NO to people
2. I like to make others' lives easier, while ignoring making my own life, the life that I'M in charge of, making my life easier.

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