Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Day 300 - Loose pockets

This is an entry about my fear of IMPORTANT things falling out of my pockets, such as my phone, wallet and keys. Those are the 3 items that I take virtually everywhere along with me. Sure, they can all be replaceable, but I'd rather not replace them!

I realise that I had this fear because I kept participating within thoughts of when I were to wear my trackie pants (name may vary among countries), basically the sorts of pants that one may wear indoors/as pyjamas/in bed, those sorts of 'comfortable' and 'warm' pants. The pants that one may use to relax...okay, enough about the pants, lol. Anyway, because, yeah..I used to occasionally wear those pants when going out, and I would still put the same 3 items in my pockets. BUT, in THOSE sorts of pants, things would keep falling out. Usually they'd fall out in my car luckily. But, it was still stressful at the time when I'd get out of my car to do something, then get to the shop or wherever, then realise that "Shit! My wallet is gone..." Or, my phone, or whatever. Was always a relief to find my items sitting in my car where I had sat while driving. Now, I realise how much worse it would be if they had fallen out of my pockets when in the train..yikes.

Anyway, I know now to use trackie pants just for indoors. Or well, more specifically, to only use them when I do NOT have to carry IMPORTANT items in my pockets that I need/require for my daily adventures. So, I'm here breaking this fear memory, because most days I wear business-type pants with tight-fitting pockets that are just like most pockets, they keep items tucked in safely, they are not loose-fitting pockets in which things will fall out potentially/eventually.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to fear that items will fall out of my pockets as I'm wearing my business pants, not realising that my business pants are made to have tight-fitting pockets, whereas my trackie pants all are made to have loose-fitting pockets.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to participate within the fear that important items WILL fall out of my pockets at some stage, hence my constant checking of my pockets to make sure my phone, wallet and keys are in my pockets, realising within myself that I am participating within the memory of my phone, wallet and keys falling out of my pockets constantly as I wore my trackie pants - within this, I realise that trackie pants are casual pants, whereas business pants are more 'professional' pants.

When and as I see myself checking my pockets for the items that SHOULD be in my pockets, I stop and breathe. I realise that through physically checking my pockets for the items that should be in my pockets, I've allowed myself to participate within the memory, thus, fear, that items will constantly fall out of my pockets because of the memory of wearing trackie pants, thus loose-fitting pockets, thus important items falling out of my pockets.

I commit myself to not participate within the memory of driving to places while wearing trackie pants, and seeing things/realising that things had fallen out of my pockets while in my car - I commit myself to see, realise and understand the physical differences between business pants and trackie pants, and the types of pockets therefore that are contained within each sort of pants - tight-fitting pockets for business pants, and loose-fitting pockets for trackie pants.

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