Friday, 10 October 2014

Day 308 - Horror fanatic

For as long as I can remember, I've really enjoyed watching horror movies, horror tv shows. I never stopped to think to myself "Why do I enjoy the horror genre so much?". Only through watching a horror movie recently (Wolf Creek, which I stopped halfway through out of realisation that I wasn't even liking this movie) and through my process with Desteni, only then did I stop to consider why I actually like watching horror movies/tv shows.

It's the thrill of unexpectancy. Lol, side not, 'unexpectancy' is apparently not a word. That blog entry is for another time, inventing new words..
Anyway, the thrill of the unexpected is what 'excited' me. But, I realised, the MAJORITY of horror movies are SO FUCKING PREDICTABLE. It's a joke. Like, those typical scares. The 'loud' sounds/noises are associated with 'scares'. Those get 'old' fast. It's cool, though. I've come to look for 'more' in movies/tv shows. Now, I enjoy 'new' ground. I like mystery. Movies/tv shows that make one THINK. Ones that aren't super obvious, ones that don't provide excessive and unrealistic amounts of gore to 'entertain' an audience (I'm looking at you, 'Saw'. Not that I've seen each of those movies, but from what I've seen, it's rather one 'insane' death/torture after the other).

And that is cool, because I realise now that horror movies that provide excessive gore/violence, that they are really 'standard'. Of course, wherever there is an audience, the money follows. Movie makers aren't going to ignore their loyal followers. It's the same thing with the massive 'pop' music following. Nicki Minaj and those sorts -shudder- lol. We just take and use whatever gives us a 'rush'. Personally, I'd rather have something that makes me think, as I said, something unique - that goes for music and visual things.

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