Tuesday, 7 October 2014

'Diaries of a Broken Mind'

"Lifting the lid on teenage mental health, this program tells the first-hand experiences of 25 young people in the UK as they navigate the rocky road of growing up with mental health issues."
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This program was on tv last night. I saw it in the tv guide, and thought it looked interesting. I like to watch documentaries about how others go about their lives, and documentaries about general things as well, anything, basically. So, it's basically a documentary about teenagers and what mental health issues they have, how they deal with them, their effects - things like that.

I found it quite interesting, and I learnt about new conditions in which I had never heard of. One called 'Agoraphobia' - which was shown in the documentary to be specifically a woman who struggled to leave the confines of her house. She even struggled to walk a few steps to the pub literally opposite her house. It's quite interesting. But, just now, I had a realisation of myself within that 'mental health issue'. If I am totally unfamiliar with a place, I tend to get a bit 'nervous'. Nervous because I'm not 'used' to the surroundings of the environment. It's just that in this particular person's case, the nervousness is magnified exponentially - and formed into a crippling force.

There were other issues that I had heard of before, and that someone I know actually has been diagnosed with - multiple personality disorder. Very interesting stuff, indeed.

Anyway, why I wanted to write this blog, was because of the countless realisations, the constant realisations I had while watching this documentary - being how much self-forgiveness/commitment statements would assist these people. Each time a new diagnosed person spoke about their issue, I thought to myself "It's too bad that you don't know of the power of writing within self-forgiveness/commitment statements!" And, I'm writing this to spread that message, as others do.

There were also forms of OCD which were showed on the documentary. I've had bouts of OCD myself. A major one I had about 1 year and a half ago was my obsession with scrubbing my hands, more so, the obsession within a fear of GERMS. Fuck, I let that shit control my life for a long time. It wasn't until I sat down and WROTE my fears out, along with self-forgiveness/commitment statements, that I ACTUALLY NOTICED PHYSICAL change within myself. And, as I previously read in some Desteni material, although the change isn't COMPLETELY INSTANT, it is THERE. And I have witnessed that change first hand. But, to remember and realise that NO change is INSTANT. There are layers to be written out within each point, some contain more layers than others, and I'd say that especially with issues such as OCD, multiple personality disorder etc - these would have a lot of layers to write out - but it does work. Although, at the same time, I've read about others' experiences and assistance which points to professional assistance/help in accordance with psychologists may be necessary, but, I haven't personally found that to be the case in regards to my own OCD/issues/points.

Either way, I'd recommend self-forgiveness to ANYONE. And to not 'diss' it until one has tried it. And, not tried it by just writing one sentence. That will do nothing at all. One has to be thorough in their writings, specific, and keep pushing. The mind is very powerful, but we DO have the power/will to CHANGE our participation with it.

Check out Desteni - you have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain - thoroughly recommended, thanks.

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