Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Day 326 - Accent reactions

Whenever I'm in a public area, that be a train, wherever, for me, it's EASY to know when a 'different' accent is being spoken. That being, an accent that I'm not familiar with. So, usually I sort of give a 'glance' to wherever I hear that accent coming from, just to see who those people are. I know that is unnecessary. While I was at the beach, there was an American family or....Americans situated near me. Everytime I heard their accents, I went into reactions that their accent was 'unusual'. Also, it was somewhat unexpected of me to hear those accents. I mean, obviously the majority of people in Australia have Australian accents, thus I'm familiar with those and wouldn't bat an eyelid at them as I am simply knowing of 'what to expect' from that accent.

On the other hand, a group of British people also arrived and sat down near me. Like I said, it's easy for me to know if the said accent is 'different' to what I'm 'used to'. But it was interesting, because although I habitually 'glanced' in the general direction towards the British group, I wasn't as 'moved' towards them as I was when hearing the American accent. And this I realise within myself is because I actually hold different judgements towards the American accent, and the British accent. I kept overhearing the British accent, and I liked it.

It's also interesting though, because...for instance, with American movies. I mean, a lot of movie are American, they contain American actors/actresses. And each time I watch those American movies, I don't see it as unusual or anything. So for me, it was interesting when I expect things in certain scenarios, but don't expect them in others. Those being, I expect to hear American accents when watching movies, but I don't expect to hear American accents when in Australia.

I also realise that I do have negative judgements towards America. Thus that is why I feel that I'm somewhat 'not a fan' of American accents. And that is because of all the hate that I've seen/read towards America - the corruption, lies. But in 90% of those corruption/lies - it's to do with the governments, the 'heads' of companies, the profit-obsessed-rich-folk who don't care for anyone/anything other than making profits of unsuspecting people like you and I. So you know, I read about that, and I realise even within myself, just generally, I have somewhat of a negative stigma/judgement toward Americans because of this. Like, the American government is basically the head of all governments around the world. Obama is basically the leader, him and his partners, they are the rich of the richest around the world.

So, what I'm getting at is that because news stories/videos about corruption/lies/scandals and the like are usually about the American government/American big wigs in the profit driven society that we live in, I've accepted and allowed myself to see America GENERALLY as somewhat 'annoyance' I suppose. But, it's to realise that judgements towards anyone, accents or otherwise is obviously not going to assist me/them/anyone - and within this, I'm also generalising America because of the 'bad' things I hear about the rich ones that leave the 'rest of us' in their wake.

Self-forgiveness/commitment statements to come

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