Thursday, 20 November 2014

Day 335 - 11:11

11:11 you can see by the above picture/page that I screen captured from my mobile phone, the new 'Self & Living' page...a photo uploaded by the page...was at '11:11 pm'. I had shared this artwork not long ago, but only had noticed this morning as I was checking out Facebook...that the time this image was uploaded was at 11:11 pm. I used to hold an attachment to the 11:11 time. I was one of those people who saw it as some 'spiritual' awakening sort of message. Perhaps from my deceased brother.

And although I have not for the last few years had any 'attachment' to the 11:11 time, seeing this image, it being associated with Desteni and Sunette - I went 'back' into those thoughts/those memories of maybe it AGAIN being some spiritual message...except I believed myself to accept that THIS held more 'leverage' because it was uploaded by a page associated with Desteni. So, I in turn saw this particular 11:11 time relation as 'perhaps true'...

So, I've been stuck in a polarity whereas I see that "Okay, come on...this is just a simple coincidence." and the opposite being "Wait a minute...maybe this is legitimate! Desteni - 11:11...maybe it's a sign." Lol.

You know, when I breathe and bring myself back to my physical body, I KNOW that it is merely a coincidence. Jee....I've had this thought before actually. I haven't done it myself, but others probably have, like that...people actually WAIT until 11:11, whether it be am/pm, the wait until that time to upload a picture or whatever it may be. That somewhat crossed my MIND. That this Self & Living page, the person uploading the picture waited until it was 11:11, and then uploaded this artwork. about no.

I recently replied to someone via text. I saw their message hours later, text back, to see that I replied at 11:11 am. Did I do that on purpose? Of course not. It was an utter coincidence. Although, at the time...I was thinking that the person that I sent that message to, maybe they think that I did in fact wait until 11:11 before replying to them. No, not a chance. That would be like forcing myself to belief in some spiritual message, instead of it happening................spiritually.

Self-forgiveness/commitment statements to come.

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