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Day 343 - Betrayal (LOTR spoilers)

Note - I realise that I've misspelt 'Gollum'.

Okay, so..I've seen the 3 LOTR films. I quite like them. I like the first 2 movies, the third movie...I'm not so much a fan of. And it's down to one thing - the betrayal that is involved at some point. It's quite interesting that I'd dislike a movie based on one moment in the film. Like, I felt so strongly about it, that I decided to avoid watching the movie at all. Anyway, I'm bringing this up because the third movie, I watched it on tv the other day.

It was really interesting. I saw that it was going to be on tv, and I felt an immediate aversion. Like, I really know what to expect of the film. Anyway, through writing, I've realised that to avoid a movie because of a point which I am basically avoiding as to avoid facing certain points, that is a mistake. So, I watched the film all the way through, it was cool, but yes, I did still feel the same way as I had when watching the movie in earlier instances.

Okay,'s basically the part/parts where Golem, Frodo and Sam are journeying ever closer to Mordor to burn the ring to rule them all. And in the third movie, maybe a quarter/halfway through the movie, Golem attempts to trick Frodo into seeing Sam as 'the bad guy'. And Golem succeeds. One part in particular, where Golem takes the bread out of the bag and makes the scene look very much NOT in Sam's favour, Golem makes the scene look like Sam had basically eaten the last of the bread. Golem does this while Frodo and Sam are both sleeping, thus unsuspecting.

So, Sam has these bread crumbs all over him, and the bread itself was thrown off the cliff by Golem. As a means of saying that Sam ate the last of the bread, and the bread crumbs are a dead give away to Sam's lack of care for Frodo/only caring for himself. Frodo believes this. Because well...Frodo and Sam then both wake up. I think that Sam goes to look for the bread for Frodo perhaps, and realises that the bread is missing. Sam suspects that Golem is the cause. Sam was rather wise from the start, he knew Golem was up to tricks from the start.

So, after Sam basically goes after Golem with the mindset that Golem basically threw away the bread or perhaps ate it himself (even though Golem does not actually like the bread) Frodo then intervenes, and stops Sam from attacking and hurting Golem, Frodo defends Golem. Which actually I realise now does make sense...I mean, Golem has been leading Frodo and Sam towards Mordor. So, Frodo would THINK/HOPE that Golem was NOT leading them astray/taking them on a 'dodgy' path towards Mordor, albeit, Frodo was deceived.

So, Frodo, well actually......Golem first sees the crumbs on Sam, I mean obviously Golem knew the crumbs were on Sam, as Golem was the one who places the crumbs expertly onto Sam! Golem shows Frodo the crumbs on Sam, and Frodo immediately suspects Sam as the culprit of the suspicious missing bread. Frodo validates this by saying that Golem does in fact dislike the bread, and thinks that Golem would never even touch the bread, let alone eat it.

SO, from there, Frodo turns against Sam. That is what I felt strongly about. I find it very interesting! So basically, I'm reacting to the fact that Frodo can just 'disregard' the 'loyalty' and disregard his best pal, Sam. He trusts in Golem so much, that Frodo just....rips apart a friendship. Anyway, so Frodo tells Sam to go home, and Sam is crying, Sam feels betrayed. Sam knows the truth, but Frodo does not, which is interesting...Golem is so powerful in a sense that he is very conniving and deceiving, he had the ability to trick Frodo into seeing Sam as the enemy, when in fact Golem himself was the only 'enemy' Golem himself was the culprit of the missing bread, and thus 'ruining' the friendship of Sam and Frodo, although, later on when in a cave with Golem, Frodo realises his mistakes, and he realises that Golem was 'evil' and that Sam was correct.

So yeah, this whole saga/scene/scenario 'hit close to home' for me. Lol actually..this is rather funny, but just now I had the memory of how when I was in class with a group of about 20 people, well......we were all sat down on the floor and watching a movie or something, not sure exactly, or perhaps we were being read a best mate at that time, he let out some gas, lol. Everyone in the class gasped, "Ew!" they said. I knew at the time it was my best mate, as I was sitting right next to him, and immediately, he put the blame on me! Lol. I was convicted of farting. Lol. I remember feeling betrayed. My best friend did not take responsibility for the fart. And, everyone ended up seeing me as the culprit lol.

I was hesitant in writing about THAT. Because I deem flatulence as 'gross'.

Okay, so next time...I'll write about that memory of betrayal that I felt when in proximity of the class/my best mate, and forgive myself.

And also after that, forgive myself for my seeing of flatulence as 'gross' lol.

Until next time..

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