Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Day 345 - Slot machines/fruit machines/poker machines

Last night I went out for dinner with someone, and after our meal, this person decided that we should both try our luck on the poker machines. I'm certainly not a fan of them. People gambling away all of their money. I mean, for me personally, I know now that I'd never reach that stage, I mean, with my understanding of my mind, and within that, addictions/attachments/desires, all known from my readings/knowings by Desteni, like, I know how the mind works in terms of...'one more go..' - on the poker machines that is. I've been like that before, telling myself to play just ONCE more, and of course, that once more turns into about 20 times more, and soon enough I realised that I lost something like $50.

Anyway, this person I was with, they occasionally played the poker machines. And they were rather lucky. They had only played, I mean, they played about...once every week/once every 2 weeks, about that amount, so not a whole lot, but they were telling me that luck was always on their side, as in, they'd always make a profit. If I'm not mistaken, a lot, if not all poker machines only give out money after a certain numbers of uses. So obviously, I mean, there's no 'skill' involved. It is based purely on luck, lining up those fruits, or whatever the symbol may be.

Anyway, what I found fascinating while I was playing on my poker machine was the sounds that the machine makes to draw me into keep on playing and to excite me to the point where I just literally want to keep playing for those 'nice' sounds that are made when one lines up a certain symbol on the poker machine that could lead to a jackpot of some sort. I also noticed this behaviour with the person I was with, where they got excited/told me they loved hearing that sound for when 1 symbol that could lead to a jackpot was lined up, then of course the poker machine randomly chooses the other lines and one just hopes to hear that 'lucky' sound to know that they are on their way to a jackpot/profit.

I found it really cool, though. Because, before investigating Desteni, knowing about the mind, I had no clue what made me enjoy playing poker machines so much. And now, it was literally the first time I had played poker machines since investigating Desteni, and it was super cool knowing how poker machines draw a person in. And it is so amazingly evident to how people get addicted to poker machines/gambling in general. For poker machines, all the flashy lights, all their 'winning' sounds. Also, they attempt to make one think that they're in 'control' when all a person in fact is doing is pressing a button, after that, the machine decides, not the individual playing on the machine.

So, the person I was with lent me some money to use on the machine. We used a machine each, and used $5 each. We played for about 10 minutes, and we both made a profit and then walked away.

In any case, I just wanted to share my experience with poker machines AFTER investigating Desteni material - Lite/Pro/the numerous articles/interviews - because my newfound awareness of how the mind works within addictions to poker machines was really awesome to see/know of/realise when using a poker machine.

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