Thursday, 4 December 2014

Day 347 - Soft is comfortable

I've been trying to figure out why I always, well, lately I have especially struggled to get out of bed. I remember the first time I investigated Desteni, and the first article title that I read and the article along with it that I read was that 4 - 6 hours of sleep was all that was needed. Certainly, the first time I read that, I was like " can't be serious." lol, but having given it a shot, and realising that it makes sense, the article, I've seen it to be absolutely true. As others have stated on the forums about sleep, it definitely does take a week or a few weeks, at least a certain period for 'adjustment' to happen. I mean, for me, I've slept for at least 9 hours my whole life. For 21 years, approximately. Of course there will be an adjustment period from changing from 9 hours of sleep to about 4 - 6. And yes, I remember it clearly.

It did take me about 1 week to adjust to the 4 - 6 hours. I was actually surprised it was that quick for me. But definitely, I still had those days where my alarm went off and I turned it off and just went back to sleep. Those days, I was like a zombie. I felt so tired. And because I felt so tired, each of those days, I went to the shop to buy an energy drink in the hope of 'energising' my body. Safe to say, I was under the illusion that those drinks were actually 'awakening' me. I was kidding myself. They did nothing for me, except for take money out of my pocket.

For a long time I've gone from 6 hours of sleep, to my 'bad' routine of 6 hours of sleep + another 3 hours of sleep, or however long. And it always, ALWAYS make me feel zombie-like. So, this morning was the first time I had woken up and gotten out of bed instantly. Jee, I've forgotten how great it feels! I feel so much more awake within my physical body. The difference is night and day. Awake or zombie? I know my preference.

And I'm slowly realising this, that the body does 'awaken' when enough sleep is had. I set my alarm for 6 hours of sleep, but, this morning I woke up after about...4.5 hours. I was actually surprised. Because, I checked my phone to see the time, and my alarm was still 1.5 hours away. I thought it was more like 5 minutes away - because I felt so 'alive'. Another point that goes to show the importance within awareness of listening to our bodies/our bodies needs.

I've gone a bit off track here...I see my want/desire to stay in bed for longer as a point of comfort. My bed is 'nice' and soft. I mean, it makes sense. I wouldn't want to sleep on a pile of rocks. My bed is soft for a reason, to assist my body in sleeping. I've noticed this behaviour in myself a lot. Like, if I watch some tv, I can either sit on the chair opposite my tv, or sit in bed. 99 times out of 100, I choose my bed! Why? Because I find it so comfortable. It's soft, it's nice, it's relaxing. My chair? Not so soft, not so relaxing, not so nice.

I realise that the only reason I don't use my laptop when in bed is because I have it hooked up to my tv, and I'd rather leave it that way when I watch things through my laptop that appear through my tv, thus.

Self-forgiveness/commitment statements to come on my excuse to stay in bed because it's soft, and soft to me = comfortable.

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