Monday, 12 January 2015

Day 369 - Casual to necessary situation

This morning, the electricity went off in the apartment that I'm living at. It was something to do with a change of ownership for the property, so the electricity company switched it off. The new owner of the property (apartment) came to the property, and they phoned the electricity company to discuss why/when the electricity will return. This was at about 11am. The new owner informed me that someone would come to turn the electricity back on 'today hopefully'. I have to say, that wasn't exactly encouraging...but I didn't act on it.

Moving into the future a bit, it was now about 4:30pm, and still no electricity. I was the only one at the apartment at this time, so I had been hanging around, doing..not much, lol. Kind of patiently waiting for the electricity to return. I would have gone to the park or something, but I told the property owner that I'd stay home and allow my housemates to enter the property (because it's a system based on electricity to enter the property/each person's room).

Anyway, at 4:30pm, a housemate of mine came back. I told them the situation, and they were quite angry. I was lucky because I left my door open to my room, so I could enter/exit, nobody else could until the electricity returned. And it was interesting, because...because they were so angry, they called the property owner and in an 'angry' tone, was 'bickering' to the property owner about them not being able to enter their room, and do this and that - so, they suggested that the property owner 'do more' and told the property owner to call the electricity company again.

So, 5 minutes later, I got a call back from the property owner who after calling the electricity company, informed me that electricity had returned. So, I switched on all the switches (that had to be turned off before the electricity company could give us electricity again) and viola, the electricity returned.

You know like, if that person hadn't have come back to the property, I would have been waiting...probably another few hours. And it was thanks to them, that they changed the situation from being a 'casual' situation, to a NECESSARY situation - although, it was made necessary through ANGER by this person phoning the property owner, which is definitely not cool. But at the same time, I learnt....I learnt that I can make the situation more 'urgent' and 'necessary' by phoning the property owner, and like, 'doing a bit more' so that I and the other housemates can get the electricity back asap, BUT, to obviously not do this within ANGER. So, it's to come across as the situation being urgent/necessary, but not within anger - so that was cool that I learnt that, it's like, I found a 'balance' - a balance between necessity, and anger, so to make it a necessity minus anger - cool.

Self-forgiveness/commitment statements to come.

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