Sunday, 18 January 2015

Day 374 - What the state of my living area says about me

Someone made me realise something when they visited me. I didn't want to show them my living area because it was basically super messy. I had clothes everywhere, rubbish everywhere, bottles, cartons..plastic bags, you name it. It was a struggle to walk anywhere, I could see no flooring! Anyway, this person told me that it could be a sign that there is a point that I'm suppressing within myself, something that I'm not facing. And it all made sense..

I'm looking at the state of my living area now, and it's not AS messy as it was, but still quite messy. And this messiness comes into relation with what I've done this weekend, which is basically staying in bed and watching tv shows..
There are points that I'm suppressing, and it shows this through my behaviour, through the state of my behaviour, which leads to the state of my living area. I need to face whatever points are stopping me from getting out of bed, what is stopping me from keeping my living area clean, and thus living within a hygienic state.

SF/SC statements to come..

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