Saturday, 14 February 2015

Day 388 - Effort part 2


When and as I see myself living and standing for the programmed equation within myself of effort = chore = effort, I stop and breathe. I realise that to have a starting point within effort as it constantly being a 'chore' means that I'm being lazy and not willing to receive benefits that I can obtain by putting effort into things. I commit myself to put effort into ALL that I do, because effort for whatever it is that I do, walking, assisting people, taking out rubbish - any task, it will assist me/others, because I can do a task with more discipline, with more awareness. If I am for instance doing something within just wanting to do something ASAP, I am not taking my time with it, I'm rushing, I'm not being aware - through slowing down, I can put in concise effort, which brings with it awareness thus benefits.

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