Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Day 392 - What must I do to 'be' an adult?

For a long time I've felt like an adult...in a teenager/child's body, lol. I'm 23 years old, almost 24, yet, I still see myself as 'young'. Obviously I've got pre-conceived notions of what an adult is and what a teenager/child are. But through that, I'm going about this all wrong. No certain behaviours equate to whether one is an adult or a teenager. Okay, I don't see myself as a child. Just as a teenager. I see it that others in their 20's have jobs, wear suits perhaps, are even married, perhaps have children. Those sorts of things in MY OWN judgments are what 'make' an adult, I guess. Things like those.

Whereas for me, I don't have any of that right now, not married, no children, no job. I'm still 'finding myself'. It's a process. In terms of the job, it's like what I've read elsewhere, people ask eachother what one does for a living for instance, as if that equates to how successful one is, but it's not the case. A job doesn't define someone, well, it shouldn't. Even when in the vicinity of others that 'look' more 'adult' perhaps, I mean....yeah, it all comes down to how I see myself, and that is, seeing myself as a 23 year old, in a 15 year old's body. With a 15 year old's demeanor/presence. So, I have to stop all these pre-conceived notions/patterns/judgments of what I see as being an adult vs being a teenager.

To be continued.

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