Monday, 2 March 2015

Day 394 - What must I do to 'be' an adult? Part 3

When and as I see myself fearing that I can't have 'fun' anymore because I'm an adult, I stop and breathe. I realise that I've created judgments within myself of only children/teenagers being able to have 'fun' and within this, seeing that (judging that) adults cannot have 'fun'. I commit myself to see, realise and understand that fun is dependent on how I define fun. I commit myself to not be under the judgmental delusion that I cannot have fun anymore because of my age.

When and as I see myself desiring to alter my behaviour/demeanor infront of others to 'appear' more 'adult' - I stop and breathe. I realise that by doing this, I'm participating within prerequisites that I've accepted and allowed myself to create/live by in what I 'think' an adult SHOULD be/should do, which is the 'incentive' for me to 'alter' my behaviour/demeanor. When in reality, I'm only altering my behaviour/demeanor to achieve self-created judgments/prerequisites of what I see that an adult should do/look like. I commit myself to let go of the judgments/prerequisites of what I've allowed myself to see that an adult should do/be, so that I can then be able to 'be myself' so to speak within my physical body, without participating within my mind and without participating within self-created judgments of what I 'think' an adult should look like/how an adult should be.

When and as I see myself labeling clothing as 'adult' or 'teenager' or 'female' or 'male' based on preprogramming/self-created judgments/opinions, I stop and breathe. I realise that COMFORT should in reality be my main buying point for wanting/not wanting clothing, and NOT whether it would suit a adult/teenager, or a female/male. I commit myself to buy clothing for my PHYSICAL BODY and not for my mind in terms of self-created definitions/judgments/opinions and preprogramming of what I see/think I should be wearing as an adult male, and to instead buy for comfort, and what is practical for my physical body, considering weather conditions, too.

When and as I see myself not doing things that I used to do as a child/teenager based upon fears of that thing being 'childish' or 'only for teenagers' - I stop and breathe. I realise that just because I am now an 'adult' in terms of my age, does NOT mean I have to give up everything/certain things that I liked to do as a child/teenager, that can in fact still assist me/that I still like doing as an adult. I commit myself to let go of my self-created definitions/judgments/opinions of what I see/think children/teenagers should do, as to instead leave age out of it, and therefore be able to do what I see fit, no matter what my age is. I commit myself to stop doing/not doing things based strictly on my age, and to instead do things that I find can enhance my life/practically assist me. I commit myself to not participate within preprogramming of what children/teenagers should do and what adults should/should not do, thus be able to open up possibilities within myself/my life and be able to increase opportunities within myself, WITHOUT fearing/wondering whether something is 'okay to do' as an adult/for my age.

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