Saturday, 9 May 2015

Day 426 - Cat punching

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I can see that the intent of any persons to create this Facebook page/event, and depict pictures/videos of cats suffering cruelty at the hands of humans, is but a means to SHOCK. To seek attention. And obviously they've gotten that now. Negative attention for the most part, but attention nonetheless. A cat can't fend for itself against a full grown human. Or, a human at all. It's a cowardice act to inflict violence on any life. There are many similar stories of animal cruelty, and unfortunately, only some get uncovered/heard of amongst society.

This is where I see that mainstream media has to REPORT these acts. I can't say that I've personally ever been watching news on the tv, and seen reports of animal cruelty reported. The focus in mainstream media appears to be based around humans. Tragedies involving humans. Or acts of kindness shown by humans. So within this, I already see that humans are considered by the average person to be the ultimate life-form. And animals? Well, they are seemingly just put aside. Why is that? Because they don't speak? Or, at least not in a language that humans can understand. Hey, I'm sure if we could understand animals, we would be in a HELL of a lot better position than we currently are, listening to our fellow humans/following them, and fucking up our world/our position in the world - that's what we get for following the powers in society blindly.

So, this is one method I see of at least raising more awareness of these acts amongst society. Making it a common news topic throughout ALL mainstream news. It's necessary for these big companies to have a starting point of considering all life. Not only humans. We already hear about murders/robbings/rapes inflicted upon humans, Us humans need to be a voice for animals, for the life that we can't directly talk to/understand.

Thank you.

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