Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Day 428 - Breasts

I made a quick video about this topic too which I'll attach later. But I'll give context here. So, I was chatting to another online, when they sent me a picture of themselves. I was INSTANTLY drawn to the amount of cleavage that was being shown. That was not the intended purpose (as far as I know) - but I saw this as not cool. Also, because after I saw the picture, my whole being changed. It was so easy to see. Having said that, I would not have taken any notice of this change within and as myself in the past, so having these references points and newfound awareness of when I change in a moment is super helpful and I have Desteni and all that is associated with Desteni to thank for this - within my own self-application too of course.

Anyway back to the point at hand, as I said, I changed in that moment - and I started wanting to make sure of what I typed back to this person, and what I said about the photo itself. And why? I saw that I wanted to make an impression so to speak. It was like "Mm cleavage/breasts! Now to turn on the style." Lol. I didn't end up physically turning on the style, I stopped myself from doing so, which was good, but still, I had that desire to make an impression after I saw that my being was super attracted to this person within this moment.

Andd, it brings me the point of breasts. You'd have to be living under a rock to avoid the fact that within society, and within society for a long time, breasts are/have been hyper sexualised. Especially geared towards men, a lot of men would say that breasts are their favourite part of the female body. I also realise that the fact that breasts are seen as a sacred body part, and the need for them to be hidden and such, it adds this type of excitement within myself and within others, this excitement of seeing what's underneath the bra lol. That is what I've found. Because like, for me, I see a glimpse of cleavage, and it's like "Now I want to see all!"

It's really the same with our whole physical bodies. Some parts, genitals, breasts - they are seen as sacred. I mean, for the most part, one that shows these features in all their glory in public, well, it's just not on. It's illegal. And consequences will apply. It's actually disappointing. If we as society were NOT as focused on sex, and everything sex, then we'd be much more accepting of our bodies, as we should. We shouldn't have to fear talking about our genitals. Or fear talking about our breasts. Or have to hide them. I mean, I've seen articles about tribes and they are basically naked the whole time. They don't just fuck eachother the whole time. I see that a lot of these tribes are accepting of the human physical form. Animals are naked. Insects too. And we raise no qualms about them. Funny that.

Tomorrow I'm going to write about my obsession with breasts from the perspective of seeing breasts purely as a SEXUAL body part. They are NOT a sexual body part. Breasts are important for the supplementation of milk to newborn children. Yeah, they can be stimulated for sexual gratification/satisfaction, but for one to see them as ONLY that - ha, that's a joke, really.

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