Monday, 15 June 2015

Day 447 - Leader part 2

When and as I see myself believing that to be a leader requires 'too much responsibility' - I stop and breathe. I realise that using the excuse of the leader position of being 'too much responsibility' and thus choosing a 'lesser' role so to speak to avoid the amount of responsibility that I have, is really just a way of 'hiding' and also avoiding being 'blamed'. I realise that I also fear 'blame' and will write it out another time. I commit myself to give the leader option a go, and to take the higher amount of responsibility and face it head on and to NOT allow the added responsibility to stop me from putting myself in the leader role. I commit myself to put my hand up to be a leader, when others will not, perhaps because of similar fears that I have had, so I commit myself to take the initiative and to have a go, even if it results in me making mistakes - I simply learn from these mistakes within the leadership role.

When and as I see myself believing that I would succumb to 'pressure' because of the amount of responsibility on my shoulders within being in the leadership position, I stop and breathe. I realise that pressure exists according to how I create it and participate within and as pressure. So, I commit myself to not allow the future projection within fear of 'crumbling' under pressure to deter me from taking up leadership positions.

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