Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Day 458 - Appreciation of all life

I went to a park today for a walk/exercise. It was raining lightly, and after I had my walk/exercise, I stood still on the park whilst admiring/appreciating all of the many different types of birds that were on the ground eating, and also flying around either alone or in groups, in trees as well. I found it really cool, there were groups of 3/4 birds, flocks? Anyway, and they flew not too high above the ground and they would always land simultaneously. I thought that was very cool. They were all individual in movement, but their landings were synchronized. All of the groups that I saw flying around, all their landings, and yes, their movements as well, together, synchronized and simultaneous.

It spoke a lot of volume for me. They clearly work well together, assist one another, do things together, for eachother. They are so unified. Lol after looking at all of these birds and how they move/do things, it makes an absolute mockery of how humans act/are. We RARELY, if ever assist one another, do things for one another/together, have any unity or cohesion. For humans, it is one vs one. Every human for themselves. We can learn soooooooooo much from animals, from insects, from all walks of life, yet we just decide to see them as inferior, as meaningless, as pointless, as NOTHING. And yet, they are so much more evolved than us humans.

But, it was so cool just to be in the vicinity of the birds, how they do things. One can learn SO MUCH just from stopping, watching other life, see how they do things, how they act, how they assist one another - it's fantastic. They are an example to us humans. Most of the time, it is humans that attempt to teach animals/insects and such, but they can do more for us, than we can do for them - at least, for the time being. 'We' have a lot to learn.

Animals are an amazing example to look up to, NOBODY should take them for granted.

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