Thursday, 23 July 2015

Day 459 - The fine line between being used and assisting another

I've been assisting another as of late. It was them who had asked me for the assistance in the first place, and I duly obliged. I wanted to help. I was unsure of the exact predicament that this person was in, and I could only go by what they were saying to me. I thought it would be a one-off really, and yet, it happened again - asking me to assist them, only 1 week or not even after the initial asking of assistance. Of course, I want to assist others - that is so very cool to do! But, it's when one that I assists 'gets used to this' and then expects this assistance regularly/more than is 'appropriate' is when things can get out of hand from my perspective.

Obviously, there are all different types of assistance, for different contexts and such. I will say that this particular assistance I am talking about is regarding MONEY. Money is obviously a precious commodity, and so with it comes a sense of attachment. I'm talking about attachment in the sense that this is what I need to survive, simply, without it I am done for, I will struggle, and nobody wants that for oneself. I told this individual that I shall only assist them in emergency situations, so for it to happen twice in the space of 2 weeks or under is perplexing to me. I discussed with another and have come to the same conclusion. Again, especially the item being money, it's not something that is easily given/thrown away. Money is simply so precious!

Anyway, I now basically expect this individual to ask for this assistance regarding money regularly. Whether they DO truly need the money or not is very questionable. I sense that they do not, for other reasons which I won't discuss here. And I do know they get paid a lot more than I do. And so it comes down to the individual, to if this money problem is truly existent, to do something about it. To not spend as much. I will have this chat with this person and see what they say. But, this assistance that they desire of me within money, I am not going to give it to them. As I say, money is life, and it's not something that I can live without whatsoever, every single coin/note helps, I need it with me at all times.

So, it's up to me to put my foot down so to speak and to draw the line. I will explain my views/perspectives to them regarding this and why it does not work for me. And simply state that it's best for them to be more considerate of their money, of their spending if they truly are in a pickle regarding money loss and such.

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