Thursday, 23 July 2015

Day 460 - What is the Journey to Life according to me

I've been at a bit of a crossroads as to how to 'do' my Journey to Life. If I see others people's blogs/writings, I see SF/SC of course, contexts, and also on the other hand, I see perspectives, realisations. And not only those 2 segments, there are also a myriad of different writings, cooking blogs, comments on news articles/general topics, general assistance in relation to a whole manner of different topics and so on. It's only now that I write about all the different happenings within writing within a Journey to Life, do I realise there are no boundaries/limits to what one can write.

I've had beliefs that my Journey to Life should be strictly SF/SC statements on a mostly daily basis. I did believe that removing my preprogrammed patterns meant consistent SF/SC statements and NOTHING else. But I really see now, that it all assists. All different angles assist oneself/others. For instance, I can write a perspective piece on whatever the subject may be, because at that time, it is what is coming up within me and/or I just generally see how I need to write it out, and obviously it can assist others who can cross-reference my writings. And THEN, from there, it can open up a whole other can of worms, and lead me to MORE SF/SC statement writings in the next phase. See, one thing leads to another. There are NO limits to what I can write about.

Also, the number of day that I'm up to, it counts for nothing, really. Sure, it does show how far I am into my Journey to Life, and it is awesome to see how far I've come and things like that, but there is certainly no 'rush' to get 'to the end' of my Journey to Life, it's no race of course. That is another thing I've focused on obsessively within my mind - that the day number is of importance, and in fact putting that ahead of what I actually WRITE OUT, which is clearly a mistake. The writings themselves are what is IMPORTANT, not what day number I am up to.

My journey to life began from the day I wrote my first blog. It doesn't begin only when I FINISH - how does that make sense? It doesn't. But this belief within my mind tells me otherwise, that my Journey to Life does not truly exist/affect me until I have FINISHED it, which is clearly bullshit. Anyone who has written for a week or 2 only, KNOWS that change happens in some way, shape or form, and if not, I'd say that person is simply not being self-honest and/or putting 'enough into' their writings to see any change at all.

To be continued.

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