Sunday, 26 July 2015

Day 462 - Allowing sport to define us

People are so truly invested in sport - to the extent where it can be seen within disbelief. Whether watching sport on tv or in person at an actual sporting event, it's clearly obvious to see the passion/excitement/attachment that people have to sport. One thing that I wanted to talk about here, was how we allow sport to define us and to direct/dictate us/what we do/how we feel. I can also talk about my own personal experience with this.

For me personally, I had ALWAYS been a Manchester United fan. For those who don't know, that is an English soccer/football team. Actually, most have probably heard of Manchester United lol, because that too, teams/brands become so well known and actually..soo RICH, that they spread to each corner of the world. I loved watching Manchester United play. And in never missing a game that they played, I sacrificed my physical body in terms of rest/sleep, and I also sacrificed social outings and such all to be infront of the tv/my computer, watching them play.

I NEVER would have been aware of HOW MUCH I was into Manchester United and whether they won/loss/how they played generally, if I did NOT discover Desteni. I can guarantee anyone right now that if Manchester United were currently playing, I'd be glued to the tv/computer watching it, and yes, allowing that external something (Manchester United) to direct/dictate/influence me, my emotions, my feelings, and within that, manifest those emotions/feelings into headaches, elation, cheering, smiling, laughing and so on. I would have done a Hell of a lot of damage on my physical body/inside of my physical body through all the highs/lows of watching Manchester United play.

Looking on it now, I find it rather hilarious to think that Manchester United losing a match would have me depressed/sad, feeling like shit. And of course, this would manifest in who I was at that time and throughout my day/week even month. I knew no better though. I thought this was all part and parcel of following a sporting team. I knew no better, at all.

I see this with others too. Family members, friends. Shouting ensues when one's team isn't playing up to the expectations that one has of their team. Yelling, sadness, depression, and what after that, VIOLENCE. When one is so worked up within emotions, violence occurs between opposing fans and such, THAT is the level of attachment that humans have to sport, where we will turn on our fellow humans for the sake of sport, for the sake of losing and feeling down/depressed and so on.

Sport is not the problem, WE are. How we see sport is the problem. Sport is a cool output. It can and SHOULD bring people TOGETHER, but obviously, when one team/person is pit against another team/person, it gets out of hand, both within the sport itself, and the crowd. Sport should be used/played purely for enjoyment purposes. Whether one wins or loses, we move on. We learn from it. We practice, gain skills, laugh about it, MOVE ON. Some fans call their favourite sporting team a religion in itself, and it's easy to see that. It just BECOMES them, their life, who they are. Nothing else matters to them.

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