Monday, 27 July 2015

Day 463 - Following one team/person/country

I've noticed within watching sport, that I do not find it as 'fun' if I am not following one team/person/country. For me, it feels like I'm more 'apart' of the experience of sport if I am to follow one team/person/country, and that way, I can invest myself, along with emotions/feelings into that one team/person/country. Which I see is a big factor for people choosing one particular team etc when watching sport. Because, if they just watch sport for entertainment/enjoyment purposes, they won't have that energetic attachment to a team and they won't feel the highs/lows of sport within feelings/emotions. People long for that. To them, it makes them 'human'. Which yes, is the same for me, that was what I used to believe.

If people these days were to watch sport as a 'neutral' - that being, one who does not favour one particular team over the other, they'd not be as interested in sport. So again, that energetic experience/attachment is something that humans crave when watching sport. Even if their favoured team loses/is not playing well and they then feel sad/depressed, they will continue the support/favouritism for when those 'high' moments appear. It's just a polarity loop of highs and lows.

I have been and am still practicing this route of simply watching sport for entertainment/enjoyment purposes, with NO favouritism, just watching 2 teams for instance battling it out. I see that sport can be enjoyed in this regard. But one has to write it out to get to this point. Of course, it's not just for the fans of sport to be aware of these energetic experiences/attachments, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings, it's also for the participants within the sport itself that require this knowledge of how energetic experiences/attachments and so on exist/how they originate.

Like I said in my previous blog, sport can be a cool outlet, and it can be cool without participation within one's mind.

For the fans, watching sport purely from/within and as a physical embodiment, not allowing the mind to direct them, will favouring of a team still occur in this regard? I'm sure it can still occur. I'd say it is up to one on whether they choose to favour a particular team or not, or, just want to watch for enjoyment/entertainment, without caring who wins, and well, although..if we are fans without mind, then we should not care about the end result in the first place, so, no caring. Either way, the key is enjoyment/entertainment only, and it should stay that way, despite what happens, despite the end result. Sport CAN be effective without the mind.

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