Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 469 - What's that sound? Distractions

Currently I am hearing the sound of something, but what exactly? I do not know. I hear it most nights. In the kitchen, someone is doing something. I am not totally sure, but I believe it may be a rice cooker, and the sound of steam coming out. Not used a rice cooker before, or seen it in action properly, but this is what I believe. The sound is quite loud. A distraction? Well, that is up to me. Is it not? The world is alive. The world is not silent. I am not silent 100% of the time, of course not. I have seen myself reacting to this particular sound. But, what can be done? If someone is cooking, or whatever they're doing in the kitchen, then what. It's just how it is. Sounds must be made a lot of the time! Pitch/decimal level dependent on the activity, and, on the life that is making the sound. Lots of factors are involved.

I admit, when I write, I do like silence. But again, here, what am I doing? I'm blaming others for sound/objects for sound. I mean jee, if I want full silence, I'd have to build concrete walls to block out sound, live in a concrete house, concrete roof etc. And live by myself. In solidarity. Eh, no thanks. These 'distractions' are only 'distractions' when it is something that I see that I must/need/want to focus upon. And writing is up there with something I want to focus on. Funny though, writing this far, so far, I have not even considered the sound of the apparent rice cooker. Yes, I can hear it as I write/type this, but it's not changing my writing, it's not making me spell incorrectly (note, does not mean no spelling errors have been made up to this point) so that is that.

It's interesting. I had interpreted this entry to be about something different. Yes, about the sound, but, well, about not knowing what the sound was from...lol, which I did actually write out, but it's cool how writing always leads to something, and I mean, ALWAYS. And I never know until I start doing the physical act of writing. I see this too, which is funny, that I can write a title for this entry, which I have (may or may not change later) and then a whole new point opens up, one that I simply did NOT expect to write about/did not even know existed. But, it begs the question, why did I write about this particular sound in the first place? Because, it's something that is integrated into me, I've heard it lots, reacted lots, so writing about it, I saw enough 'worth' in it to write it out, but as I said, what comes from the writing, I do not know..cool.

Another distraction just occurred. This time, my mobile phone, calls/texts. Although funnily enough, this does not bother me AS MUCH as the 'steaming' sound. The sounds that are not by my doing/direction, they are the ones that 'distract' me the most. Anyway. Next time I'll write sf/sc about distractions.

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