Saturday, 22 August 2015

Day 474 - Awkward moments

I see myself believing a lot of scenarios/situations to be 'awkward'. Each would have a different depiction of when a moment is 'awkward' or not, and these awkward moments will differ amongst all. The one awkward moment that well...not an awkward moment in reality, but awkward within belief...that I see, and that was the substance for this entry, was walking past one that I know, and walking past in silence/and or without 'seeing' or 'showing' that I saw/have even walked past that person. This moment has come up a lot at work, because people are always walking back and forth between places/past eachother. When I see what others do, it's not a constant acknowledgement/speech towards one EVERY TIME they walk past one that they know. And it makes sense this way, because I can walk past one that I know something like..5 times in the space of 5 minutes, it's not like I have to say something and/or THINK of something 'unique' to say every time I walk past them lol. But there you go, this is a belief I've had.

Having said all this, I have been working on this particular belief of an awkward situation - that is, walking past one that I know in SILENCE, as opposed to saying something or 'smiling' or 'humming' lol, in acknowledgement/actually...with the humming, it's more like to 'relief' myself of that awkward tension belief that I in fact manifest.

If I am to think of a 'general' awkward moment that many may agree on, it's...a couple that WERE together for years or however long, and then..not long after breaking up, they just happen to go to the same location and one of the partner's has a NEW partner, lol - awkward times ensue. Again, that is another belief of mine, but I was just showing a general one, really.

So, what's awkward or not comes down to beliefs one has about things/environments/situations/scenarios, and other things, how one grew up etc, how one interprets things and such, a lot of things equate to what is awkward/what is not.

More to come.

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