Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day 477 - What makes you YOU?

What makes me ME? Hmm.
I used to really value my individuality. I used to value what made me unique, what 'separated' me from others. That's a key word though, 'separated'. I was focused solely on what separated me from others, how I was different. I didn't want to be seen 'in the same light' as other humans. Most people when they are young, they have this fantasy-like idea that they will be famous, a celebrity, rich etc. They want to be special. They believe they are special (all from what a parent says/other older role models) but nobody is 'special'. Nobody deserves 'more' than another. We're all the same, the faster that humans realise/understand this, the better life we can give to one another.

I've been listening/reading some awesome audio/text based articles relating to this identity issue/crisis, which I'll link to at the bottom of this article. Highly recommended, and undoubtedly true. These messages are so commonsensical, so valid, so necessary, yet, most do not want to hear, they don't want to accept that we are but life. Life is a gift. But we abuse the gift of life, in favour of what makes us US. Opinions, egos. It all leads to separation, it all creates/escalates violence against eachother.

We literally only have one shot at life, yet we are willing to throw it all away for the sake of identity/opinion/ego, really? That is bizarre. Call me weird, but I'd rather live a fruitful life. One that I can be proud of, a life that I can look back at, and see that I accomplished things, see that I assisted others, as others assisted me, see that I had the abilities to respect ALL life, all life forms, all genders, all races, all, ALL. Surely we're not put on Earth to kill/abuse/neglect/disrespect eachother, are we?

Funny actually. Reminds me of an episode of South Park, actually, the first ever episode if I'm not mistaken. The boys get abducted by an alien ship, only to find out by the head aliens, that Earth is just a tv program. And the head aliens tell the boys that they desire to delete the channel/program, to remove the Earth program, because they won't find it entertaining anymore. I think, it was because humans were now aware that they were being watched, yes, that's right. They found out that they were 'tv stars' lol. In the end, the head aliens decided to allow the Earth program to stay on the air, AS LONG as the humans kept up the violence/hatred/disrespect and so on amongst eachother - funny, but it's true. It's just like we're in a tv program/on one. Being watched, being laughed at, providing entertainment for others. Sure, it might be 'good' viewing from the outside, but wow, it's an embarrassment really that it ever came to this, that it has come to this.

It's past the time, there's no more excuses. Change should have happened a long long time ago, but it never has. Tiny incremental changes don't do a thing. If we have to wait 20/30 years for a single change towards some form of Equality, then we're never going to reach true Equality. It's really time for all of us to stand up and DO something. To give eachother a chance of life, to give future generations a chance of life, a WORTHY life, a DIGNIFIED life, a life that is actually 'fun'. Not a life whereas they could die any second that they enter Earth, that is no life, literally.

Investigate DESTENI. For the benefit of YOURSELF, for the benefit of OTHERS, for the benefit of LIFE. Do something that matters, while you're here, even if you're not here for much longer, at least put your hand up. Deep down, EVERYONE knows we have to change, all of us, to actually do it/start the change is a decision that takes guts, a lot of guts, but it's those that make the decision that will be REWARDED, guaranteed.

Thank you.

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