Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day 478 - My reply to one's question regarding Desteni - Explanation

Question - I got really curious about the Desteni thing, so it would be nice if you got a bit more deeply into it. As I've never heard of it before it would be hard to catalogue it as a cult and at the same time, many things in this world are mislabelled for ulterior motives, so I'm not quick to judge in that sense.
(I had previously told them a bit about Desteni)
Answer - Cool about Desteni. I can't even remember what I previously told you about it lol. Let's see.
There are a few parts to it.
The MAIN part I'd say, is changing oneself. Basically, the information on the site suggests that the mind is the culprit of all the bullshit in the world. Compromising of the mind are thoughts, judgments, emotions, feelings, basically. And, the whole process of this changing of oneself - it happens through writing. Just like this, typing. So, for instance, I'd write what's on my mind now and/or what I am fearing, what I am worried about, who I am judging, who I got angry at yesterday etc, different contexts/scenarios. But, one just focuses on ONE point at a time, otherwise it can be 'too much'. So, mine is writing out why I became angry at someone. I may or may not, through writing about the context/scenario, be able to find out a deeper meaning as to why I reacted within anger in the first place, was it something the other person said, was it the WAY they said it, was it how they rolled their eyes to me? But also, it depends on the person, like, I might not find out the 'deeper meanings' until later in life and/or more writings on another day regarding the anger point.
And whatever the reason for me reacting within this anger, like, it's vital to know that I am the cause. I mean, it's important to 'bring it back to self'. To take self-responsibility for the emotion, the anger. Because, as soon as I start blaming the other person, I just keep going round and round in circles. Basically, it's 'never' okay to blame any external event/happening/person/thing for one's reactions. And IF I am blaming another for the anger I feel, which I was, then the NEXT part of the writing is the self-forgiveness/self-commitment statements. And they go something like this - 'I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to participate within and as anger towards another when and as I BELIEVED them to be 'mocking' me.' Lol just off the top of my head. See, a lot of it comes down to the BELIEFS we have about people, about things. And these beliefs are shaped by society standards, generalisations, stereotypes, our parents, movies, tv shows etc.
I'm sorry about this epic long statement, but I feel it necessary :P
Um so. The self-forgiveness part of it is basically 'releasing' the 'blaming' of another, and also releasing the reaction of anger. Because really, it shouldn't be 'necessary' to be angry at any point in one's life. OKAY. Are you still here? Lol. And the self-commitment statements are the 'changing' point. So, example 'I commit myself to when and as I see myself believing another to be 'mocking' me/what I do, to stop, to breathe, and to not participate within and as the belief that I previously had about what 'mocking' is, also, seeing how reacting to another's words is never the way forward - plus, another's words do NOT define me, and I cannot allow another's words/opinion/perspective of me, define who I am.'
Umm and..
Actually, I did miss another bit, the self-realisations. Which are like this 'When and as I see myself reacting within anger towards person A, I stop and breathe. I realise that anger is never justified, unless I BELIEVE it to be.' That is when the commitment statement comes, after the self-realisation.
SHIT. Okay lol. I'm sorry. This probably sound either really complicated, or pointless, or both lol, but yeah. I probably went to in depth with it. It is heaps easier than I made it, and there are no 'right' rules when it comes to how you write/how much you write, there are just some basic formats/structures to help. So basically, the act of writing is a physical act, and through this physical act, we are able to see who we really are. Just like a journal.
SOOO, through the writing, the self-forgiveness/realisations/commitments, AND through practical/physical application if required (because writing is only 10% of the process of change) one changes who they are, how they react (or do not react rather) and so on. What I mean by the 10% is that, now that one has the 'fundamentals' down (the writings/self-forgiveness etc) one has to put it into practice, that means when the ACTUAL scenario comes up in person, to really do one's best to remember what one wrote, as to make the change PHYSICAL and REAL. NOW, at the same time, SOME points ONLY require writing, it purely depends on how 'big' the point is, like, how many layers are involved in the point, how deep the point is within us, you know? It's cool though, I've noticed many moments with just the writing, that I've seriously felt the change happen instantly, it's pretty amazing.
Wow I'm fucking tired now lol. Umm. OKAY, so that is the MAIN part of Desteni. Because through releasing all of these thoughts/judgments/reactions/emotions/feelings, what will remain within the process/at the end is just a PHYSICAL BODY, really. That is, one that NEVER judges, never is violent, is respectful of all life, that is, animals, insects and so on. And basically, as each individual does this, Equality appears, Oneness appears, Oneness as in, that is what is left, the physical, one's physical body, no mind, or rather, no allowance of direction from one's mind. And the Equality is vital, to see everything/everyone as just another 'life'. So to not define eachother by race, gender, nationality, appearance. ALSO, Desteni is NOT a religious group at all. Almost forgot that part lol.
I super dooper understand if this is too much information to take in. As I said earlier, it is not as 'difficult' as this when you actually do it. And I hope I haven't put you off it lol. This is a really detailed explanation of it all.
The cool thing is there is HEAPS of assistance/support available. The forums are the best place. Many 'new' people asking questions, many people that have been with Desteni for a long time asking questions, everyone, and getting answers in the form of assistance/support from those that have been with Desteni for a really long amount of time and/or others who simply may be more experienced within a certain point/question one may be struggling with.
So there is that, which you may want to check out, but the BEST and/or second best place to start lol, is the DIP Lite course, which is completely free. It's like an online interactive course, where you read some, and write some, at your own pace/discretion. And as you do this online course, you get a 'buddy' who is there to 'mark' your work, to make sure you understand it, and to answer any questions relating to the material that you are reading.
SHIT, OKAY. That is all lol.

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