Monday, 7 September 2015

Day 484 - Fear of making vlog part 2

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear that those that make vlogs are individuals that believe themselves to be 'so good' and 'the best' at this and that, and also, basically have giant egos.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see, realise and understand that vlogs can be constructive, helpful and cool - example, Destonians, and others who raise awareness/assist others in other points in life and such.

When and as I see myself wanting to make a vlog and/or in the process of making a vlog, and I see people/hear people in the vicinity and/or staring at me/saying things about me - and then wanting to stop the vlog instantly out of fear of being seen as an egomaniac/obsessed with myself, I stop and breathe. I realise that already within myself, my own starting point of doing this vlog and future vlogs, my starting point is one of example/assistance - and that is all. So within this, I see that this base is covered in terms of not doing this vlog for the sake of ego, for the sake/believe of showing myself to be the 'best' and/or better than others within my mind and thus within energies. So, I commit myself to see others, hear others, see them looking at me, hear them talking about me, BUT, to CONTINUE vloging, because despite what they think in any way, shape or form, only I truly and actually know my starting point of vloging at the time, and so with that understanding/knowing, I continue vloging, because I want to, and because I want to assist others in any way that I can.

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