Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Day 485 - The cheerful man

At my workplace, there is a quite cheerful gentleman. I saw him today, he's a staff member, like me. I don't see him often, but everytime I do, I enjoy seeing him/working with him/in his presence, and I wanted to find out why this was. I described him as the 'cheerful' one. That isn't EXACTLY the case, but I didn't know how else to describe him. He's in his 60's (I believe), maybe 50's, but..he has this, I'd say, 'calming' presence, even a comfortable presence about him. He's not over the top, or even super talkative, he just goes about his business. He is very much willing to talk to anyone and everyone, he's kind, and he is quite sarcastic, which I enjoy. Actually now that I think about it, the majority of his jokes, which there are many, are sarcastic. And I don't mean jokes like "Why did the chicken cross the road..?" Just finishing statements on a 'funny' note. It is amusing.

Anyway, I like this sort of sarcastic/optimistic/calming presence that he brings. I've spoken to this to others as well, and they agree. Yes, the more I think about it/see it/remember it, it's the sarcasm that I like lol. But it's the 'right' level of sarcasm. I mean, it's not like every single thing he says concludes in sarcasm, no. It's just every now and then sarcasm, which is actually quite frequent. Lol. But, it's in 'good' taste, all of it. I think that's a cool way of relating to people too. Just, being able to joke around, sarcastically about things, and through that, brings about a sense of comfort, like "That person doesn't take themselves/others/life too seriously." NOT that life shouldn't be taken seriously - I see it as both. Take it seriously, but, have some fun on the side, some sarcastic fun in this regard.

So, I just wanted to point this out to myself - the whys to me and others enjoying this person's presence, and, I can try this out for myself. Use my own sarcasm/jokes. I do occasionally, but not nearly as much as this person does. I'll give it a shot. Just playful words, lighten the mood, create that 'opening' with others, create that comfort and comfortable environment, that is cool I think. Serious and fun - good combination - polar opposites, but can work in unity with work I think lol. Will try this out for myself.

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