Thursday, 10 September 2015

Day 486 - Quick on my feet - self-honesty

Today I was in a scenario where I had to be 'quick on my feet'. That is, I had to be 'on my toes'. In realistic terms, I had to be ready to reply asap. I had a job interview, and I was interviewed by 2 people. They asked me about 10 questions, and all of them were in regards to examples that I had done in the past in relation to the question that they asked of me. Like, "Tell us about a time when you used your initiative to improve on team work/a team based environment?" Things like that. I remember hating these lol. These questions whereas I have to think back/remember times where I've been in these situations, and explain what I did, how I did it and so on.

And it sort of took me off guard. I was perhaps expecting a few of these 'give us an example-type' questions, but not 10/not believing that was going to be the majority of the interview. Anyway, I came up with fast/good examples for the most part. 1 or 2 of the questions, I just couldn't think of an example. Actually, I see now that I was looking too much in only the 'work-place' scenario. Because, I could have answered these questions in regards to any scenario within my life, such as life outside of work, just casual interactions with others.

Actually yeah, one of the questions where I just couldn't think of an exact example was "When you and another have conflicting views on something, how did you/how were you able to 'convince' the other person that your view was 'better' and/or more viable?" That wasn't the exact question, but it was along those lines. And as I said earlier, I was really just looking from a work-place perspective. After the interview, while I was alone, I had a re-look at this question, to see if I could come up with an example - and I did, almost instantly. Of course, I came up with an example outside of the work-place scenario. And in fact, I was able to come up with a few examples, again, all outside of the work-place scenario.

And also, I was trying quite hard to remember actual scenarios/happenings. But, there are not necessarily ALWAYS actual examples of these questions that have happened in my life. Here, I see I just be self-honest, and just come up with something like that, be quick on my feet. Just 'bend' the truth a bit. I mean, it's not something that they're going to look at later on and be like "Why did you lie about that example..?" Because, they just want to see how/what I do in these situations, how I conclude them, how to deal with them. That is what they want.

Using self-honesty, always, to be able to get the best out of situations, living self-honesty - sf/sc next.

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