Sunday, 13 September 2015

Day 490 - Language obstacles

Even though where I live, English is predominantly the spoken language of 'choice' - lots of the time, I actually do run into people talking to eachother in other languages. That is a keyword I highlighted just now though - CHOICE. It is one's choice as to what language they speak. I mean, in an IDEAL world, we'd all speak ONE language I reckon - and communications with eachother would be lifted and on the other hand, miss-communications with eachother would be a thing of the past - but that is obviously not the world we live in right now.

For myself though, when there are others speaking to eachother in a language other than English (because I can only speak English fluently) I feel 'left out' of proceedings. You know, even when it's 2 'strangers' speaking to eachother in another language, I still feel this way. Not that I want to eavesdrop or anything, I suppose I just like the 'idea' of everyone talking English in a predominantly English speaking country.

Also, whilst working, I've encountered quite a few people who speak very little, if any English at all. In these instances, it is very difficult, almost impossible to communicate effectively and in this case, to conclude the transaction of purchases. That in itself is obviously a problem, if we can't communicate effectively/at all - that is something that must be rectified. On the other hand, if another language other than English is used, because others are more fluent in it, then so be it I'd say. It is THEIR choice. It is MY choice to speak English. is for the most part my only choice, but a choice nonetheless.

It's not my right to 'stop' others from talking in whatever language they choose. And if I hear a language other than English being spoken, it is NOT an 'attack' on me or a way/method of making me feel 'left out' or like an 'outsider' - these are of course just personal beliefs that I've created/participated within and as in my life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that those that speak a language other than English infront of me/in my vicinity are trying to make me feel 'left out' and/or like an 'outsider'.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fail to see, realise and understand that it is our duty as humans, as examples, as leaders, as teachers, to inform eachother within effective communication/languages, and so for the time BEING, and/or for fluency matter, 'alternative' languages have to be used for any communication to exist between people.

When and as I see myself feeling this energy within myself of being 'left out', an 'outsider' or 'excluded' when and as others speak in a language that I do not understand at all, I stop and breathe. I realise that due to a myriad of factors, languages other than English must be used for effective/any communication at all. I realise that it's simply not always possible/relevant to speak English only, because there are those that speak to people from other countries/non-English speaking backgrounds and so on. So, I commit myself to embrace ALL, no matter the language they speak, no matter whether I can understand it or not, because I SEE, realise and understand the VALUE/NEED of effective/fluent communication in all aspects between people.

Within this, I commit myself to learn and realise that effective communication does not equate to a 'personal' attack on me/my being/myself in any way, shape or form - it is simply a means of that, effective/fluent/possible communication - and that is cool, necessary to assist/support eachother/one another.

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