Monday, 14 September 2015

Day 491 - Is loneliness a losing battle?

Loneliness is something that is built into all of us. Being alone for prolonged amounts of time usually results in loneliness. The best, or only 'cure' for this is company - I think most people would agree. The company of others. Though, not the company necessarily of humans, animals too. Any company is good company (for the most part). Loneliness is something I've personally struggled with. I've never had a partner for a long time. Of course, I've had many friends over the years, and would see them regularly, but still, there are those times, being alone, where that loneliness feelings sinks in and made me sad/depressed.

So, along with this loneliness and as I've mentioned, company usually 'fixes' this feeling, this sadness/depression. So for me, I've been obsessing quite a bit over finding a partner, because I saw that as the missing link to my loneliness, the solution. If I have a partner, I will never be lonely. And even the considerations of literally HAVING a partner, ANY partner, merely for the 'cure' of this loneliness. So I'm saying, ignoring who the person is, just USING them for my loneliness solution.

That really doesn't sound ideal does it?
Nor does finding and being with one purely and/or mainly for the sake/solution of 'loneliness'. Having said all of this, some people strive on their own, they love it, they don't care for relationships/company, but those people are few and far between from what I know.

So then, how do I overcome loneliness? How do I disregard this desire/sake of finding a partner as a cure only? Well, it's to realise for myself that looking externally for a cure is already a realisation in itself that that is not the 'correct' way to go. The cure should come from within, the ability to stand by myself should come from within myself, to be stable.

My desire for company/companionship of others, no matter the species..the belief that this is the only solution, that I will be forever lonely without companionship of others. And, that I cannot be stable/comfortable within myself, alone, without this company or any company of some sort.
Because, I mean, how cool would it be to be stable/comfortable/accepting of myself in any situation, whether alone, whether with company? Just a natural transition from scene to scene.

More to come.

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