Sunday, 20 September 2015

Day 495 - Match their speed

Something I noticed at my house, when and as I hear others in the house moving fast, as in, I hear them literally moving fast, running a lot of the time, but not always - lots of quick movements nonetheless, like a constant rushing - when I hear this, I feel this 'need' and this 'urge' within myself to do likewise, to match this movement/speed, and I believe I have to move fast when hearing others moving in this faster manner/way. It sounds unusual to me, but this is how I feel/what it's like when this occurs.

Like, if I'm stationary in my room, and others are moving all over the place, rushing around, running, jogging etc, I mean, my room is only a small amount of space - it's not like I can/am going to start running/jogging around in circles lol. Though, I have the urges to just move faster. So, I could be using my laptop, and start sort of doing the motions faster, typing faster, going to various web pages faster - things like that.

I see and know that this urge to 'match' the speed of another is not necessary/needed whatsoever. I mean, what they do with themselves is up to them, it's not in any way an 'order' from them to me to MOVE FASTER. That doesn't make sense. It's literally just a want, an urge, a desire - and I want to keep up with others. It's interesting I think..

More to come.

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