Friday, 9 October 2015

Day 505 - Corruption in sport

Here, I'm not suggesting that sport is a 'big deal' or a 'necessity'. I mean, yes sport can be fun/enjoyable and so on, but it doesn't add anything to benefit ourselves as a whole. But, of course, like other ventures, sport is played for money and glory. Those are the big ones. And I see it as the same for other ventures too. To be the head honcho in some big business, or any business. One gets the title of MANAGER or SENIOR HEAD OF (insert title here) or whatever it may be. Same thing, glory and money.

What I wanted to speak about was particularly in something that Lance Armstrong said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. This is when he came out about his drug cheating and so on. Anyway, something he said and also a justification that he used, was that he didn't consider the drug taking as cheating, he considered it as a means of levelling the playing field. Levelling the playing field, as he felt that everyone else in the sport was using drugs, so to remain competitive, he had no choice - this is what he said. Whether this was/is true or not, it also goes to show that if one is pursuing corruptive ways, then another is basically FORCED to do the same, IF they want to remain on a level playing field.

The same goes for other ventures. Not just sport. If another business/boss is not playing 'by the rules' so to speak, and they are using shifty ways etc, bribing people, whatever it is, to get the most revenue and such, then what can another/another business/boss possibly do in that situation, I mean, to stay afloat, they have no other option than to do the same, right? And so, in our system, they are forced into a means of corruption themselves. And it's a chain event, one corrupts, all corrupts. And although not always visible at first glance, corruption exists everywhere.

And so, it's up to each of us to take self-responsibility for the corruption that exists within and as ourselves, and that in itself will stop another from 'doing the same' in hopes of equalling our corruptive ways. But also, of course, our whole money system also has to change. That is where a Living Income Guaranteed comes in. It's a necessity to investigate both Desteni and a Living Income Guaranteed.

And corruption only brings out the WORST in each of us. It must be stopped, in all forms and in all ventures, but it takes each and every one of us to take self-responsibility and do something about it. We each have a say in our present and in our future, and those of everyone's present/future - make the change now.

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