Saturday, 10 October 2015

Day 506 - Interruption/Reason

The other day someone called me whilst I was sleeping, I was having a nap actually. So, it wasn't in the middle of the night/morning or whatever, and not at what anyone would say is an 'unreasonable' time to contact another. It was at about 3 pm. So already, there's no reason for me to not expect calls/messages etc. Nonetheless, I heard the phone calling, woke up, and answered - and I was participating within this annoyance at this person for 'interrupting' my nap. I mean, I didn't specifically say to this person "Hey, you woke me up!" Or anything like that, but I felt it within myself/within my voice that there was this 'annoyance' surrounds to what I said.

This exact same situation as happened a few times in the past, and I've reacted the exact same way. THIS particular time, I handled it 'better' than others and wasn't AS annoyed lol, but annoyed nonetheless. Anyway. So, I woke up in 'unnatural' circumstances. That was the first thing. The other thing was the REASON for the call. I personally saw the reason for the call as...'pointless' basically. I won't go into detail, but it wasn't an emergency at all. At the same time, this person didn't see this call as a 'necessary' call either.

But, that in itself is unreasonable. People call/contact eachother NOT ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES. I mean, what. People just like to talk/catch up and whatever else. So, I saw that in this napping scenario, I'd ONLY see it as 'reasonable' if this person was calling me in case of EMERGENCY. But, that again is unreasonable, considering the time of day, and the whys as to people calling others and so on.

Really, I was only 'annoyed' because of the unnatural method that I got woken up in - that is all. It's my OWN responsibility to do something about it. That can be, putting my phone on silent, telling the person to call me back later and/or I can call them back later, etc. I mean of course how in the world is ANYONE meant to know that I'm having a nap? Unless I were to update my Facebook status...still, that doesn't mean all will see it :P

More to come.

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