Thursday, 15 October 2015

Day 509 - Control with expression

I have this belief that I can't express when in a state of control/comfort/stability, which is what I am (want to be) at all times. So, I've witnessed myself in situations whereas yes, I see that I'm in control of myself/the situation, and I'm stable, BUT, within this control/stability, I am sticking to this 'formula' of what I see stability/control to be. Okay, so now I see. So, I have this belief that stability/control = rigidness and LACK of expression. I have this believe also that stability/control = being in a state of conformity to a certain way/behaviour.

Expanding here also, I believe that stability/control = a lack of expression, because I HAVE for my whole life, seen expression as emotions, as feelings, as thoughts - without participation in these, I see for myself this belief of again, rigidness/lack of expression.

Okay, so to summarise points thus far.

1. Belief that Stability/control = not using emotions/feelings = being rigid/not able to express, because I believe that emotions/feelings are NECESSARY to express in every way, shape and form.

More to come.

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