Sunday, 18 October 2015

Day 512 - Utilising what is HERE

I've had these thoughts before, and still occasionally have them, whereas I only want to utilise what I see would exist/be available in an 'ideal' world. So, my definition of an 'ideal' world is one..basically full of Destonians! Destonians one and all lol. Yes, it'd be amazing, the ability of every single human to care for one another, to do what is best for all, always, to respect eachother, to respect all walks of life, animals, insects - a whole new money system would exist, through taking nothing less than care/respect for our fellow human. Yes, it is what I and all Destonians are working towards, we definitely are, yet the reality of this happening is a long way off.

So, within this 'only considering what would exist in an ideal world' thought, I've seen that well, a lot that we have here would not exist, things like the types of movies we have. Would we have violent movies, any at all? Probably not. Same for violent video games? Don't think so. Well, any violence for that matter, in any form, would it exist, doubt it. And so, I've had desires thus to for instance AVOID violence wherever possible, in movies, video games. Though, how many movies for instance, and video games actually, contain violence? I actually struggle to think of many video games/movies that do not contain some degree of violence.

Thing is though, if I AM to avoid things that I see/believe would NOT exist in an 'ideal' world, then I am left with very little, if anything. So, it's to remember that where I am now is what is important. I'm not in this 'ideal' world/society/way of life. It is still out of reaching distance by a large margin. We will get there in the end, but I have to work with what exists here. So in working with what exists here, again, working with the violence example, it's to watch it, but to not let it affect me in terms of desiring to 'inflict violence on another' or to get any type of 'rush' from the violence in particular. And I do not. Despite the violence in movies/video games, I don't get any rush from it, no energetic rush within my mind that I then manifest. It's simply here. It is what it is. Yet, what is reassuring is that other forms of movie-viewing are opening up, minus the violence/lessening the violence for instance. So, change IS happening, but it hasn't HAPPENED. It hasn't happened on a global scale, each and all changed. Not even myself, I'm in a process of change of course, I've changed lots, myself, but I haven't reached my total/complete goal as of yet.

More to come.

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