Thursday, 22 October 2015

Day 514 - My beliefs regarding eating habits

I've had this particular belief that if I can't eat whatever quantity I want of a particular food WITHOUT feeling adverse effects, then I'll not eat that food anymore. Or drink that liquid, whatever it is I consume. This comes about within eating mandarins for me. I am pretty sure it's the sugar content that gets to me. See, after eating about 5 of these at once, I started feeling bit light headed/dizzy. Too much sugar for my body to handle most likely. This is without knowledge from a doctor, of course. But the sugar content seems to be likely.

So, I was GOING TO not eat mandarins anymore, and basically, any other fruit which was quite 'sugary'. Then I came to my senses to see that this was not viable. Of course, it can be done, but I will lose many nutrients/vitamins if I am to remove almost all fruits from my diet/food intake. So, it really is an exaggeration to remove the majority, if not all fruits from my diet based on this belief. Because, I've also seen how eating one mandarin, or even a few mandarins per day, just SPACED OUT between mandarin-eating, this doesn't affect me at all.

SO here it's about taking every single thing individually. This goes for anything in life too. Because, I've also seen me failing to take things individually in other facets within my life. Everything is unique in itself. Like, a mandarin and a pineapple, one could make me feel ill, and the other not, as an example. Just because they are both fruits, doesn't mean they will be handled by my body in the exact same manner, just because they are under the classification/label of being 'fruits'. They of course have different properties, if only small ones, but any varying property can have a different affect on my body.

There are some things that I've seen my body can handle in small quantities, like, milk/ice cream. But anymore than a small quantity makes me ill. So, I can enjoy some milk, this is cow's milk mind you, and ice cream, but only some per day/at a time. So, moderation is key, moderation and taking every single thing for what it is, and being aware and/or doing my own research/investigation as to every thing's properties.

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