Friday, 23 October 2015

Day 515 - "I know, I know."

I've personally/specifically used this term "I know, I know." Yes, saying it TWICE for 'added' effect lol. Because, when I see in my life when I just 'don't want to hear it' or I 'don't want to deal with this right now' - whatever it is, I said "I know, I know." I can't recently remember any times where I've said "I know, I know." - but it's cool to see the reasons/dissect it myself, to see WHY I would even say these words. I can remember being told off by my parents for doing something 'bad' - and would hear a lecture about why I shouldn't do this and that, why I should instead do this and that, and it'd usually be an "I know, I know." - in this instance, I knew what I was doing was 'bad' and so "I know, I know." - "You don't have to tell me, I know what I did was incorrect to do, stop telling me." That as well.

But yeah, I see, not just with the parenting thing, but also in other contexts/scenarios, I could've learnt so much more/faster if I was to hear out what my parents, or what another was saying, instead of choosing to cut them off, in favour of not hearing something, either because I didn't want to hear it/couldn't be bothered, or, I believed I had 'heard this all before' and so it was 'pointless' to hear this person out any further. With the parenting moments, and being told what I should've done for instance and/or why I should not have done something, the "I know, I know." is clear in that I knew as I was doing this thing, that it was not the correct thing to do, yet I did it anyway, for one reason or another. So, it differs a bit depending on my starting point of saying "I know, I know." and what the context is.

Either way though, it's never cool and never was cool for me to use these words "I know, I know." - because I was always doing it within mind participation. And I never heard a person out FULLY, so that I could then come to a more suitable/stable reply.

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