Sunday, 25 October 2015

Day 517 - The problem with hope

I was talking to someone yesterday, and the subject of hope came up. This person found it odd that hope was something I saw no use in. I brought up an example of hope in regards to someone that I know/close to me who could die. As in like, someone who is currently in hospital for instance, and the outcome is an uncertain one, whether they live or die. Yes, I can hope for their survival/life, but in doing so, I use time/focus within and as hope, and that can lead to general tiredness and such. But all in all, is me hoping REALLY going to be the deciding factor, or ANY deciding factor as to whether one lives or dies? No.

I can relate though, in wanting this hope to be real..
I hoped God was real. I hoped my prayers would be answered constantly - they never were, at the time I was surprised, now I am not. No divine intervention was going to assist me or answer my prayers. Hope doesn't do anything.
I can see how people see hope as a message of positivity. Or, it at least be worth the try. Still, no, yes it may be positive/wanting a desirable outcome, but it's still not real, it's not practical. Something practical would be for instance, keeping a person company who could potentially die, and/or motivate them sort of thing, something positive would be to talk to them, or to feed them healthy foods and things, natural things that could assist with the illness.

But, if something is out of my hands, then it is just that - out of my hands. If I have no direct/real/practical control over something in any way, shape or form, then I simply CANNOT control it. Also, I can also relate to hope in this way: Whereas, if I hoped for something, such as, this is what I did too in the past, hoping that my favourite soccer team would win a match, or that they'd score, as I'd be glued to the screen watching this match. And within my mind, being like "PLEASE, PLEASE SCORE, PLEASE WIN, PLEASEEEEEEEE!" Like desperate hope. And THEN, IF it were to happen, this team scored/won, I'd then participate within and as EGO. You know "Well, would you look at that, my hoping paid off, if it wasn't for my hoping/positivity, then my favourite team would not have scored/won, they have me to thank!" So, and things like that, they create this HOPE that HOPE is real. But, that is pure coincidence. How the fuck can I within my mind, somehow affect a soccer match that is happening on the other side of the world? Impossible!

So, it's mandatory for us all to wake up. To see the bullshit that HOPE is. And that it leads to nothing REAL OR LEGITIMATE.
We can't hope for a better world. We have to be a part of creating a better world. It takes all of us/all of our voices. The more, the better. It's absolutely useless to rely on anyone/anything else for something good to come from the world. We all have a say in the present/future of the world. So, we must do something real. Something practical.
Not just hope and hope whilst strolling along carelessly within the same jolly life that we enjoy.

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