Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Day 520 - Counting my 'luck'

I've pondered this before, about my 'luck' in encountering Desteni and within this, I sometimes think to myself "What if I didn't do what I did to encounter Desteni, where would I Be without Desteni. I AM SO LUCKY to know of Desteni. What if I didn't play that game, what if I didn't speak to that ONE particular person..?" And so on. Because, that is how I did discover Desteni, playing an online game with other human users, basically chatting/meeting people. That is exactly how it happened. And this person informed me of Desteni. Thousands of people play that game daily, but it just so happened that they and I began conversing...and then.....Desteni came into conversation.

Of course, I'm MEGA glad that this did happen! Most people, most Destonians first got introduced to Desteni through Youtube. So, my means weren't exactly 'appropriate' in the sense of discovering it for myself sort of thing, I mean, at the same time though, I can't discover something that I don't know exists. I mean, in regards to Youtube, how many videos/information is on there, so much. And there are other self-help groups and such out there, but the one that is legitimate and real is Desteni.

Anyway, so I sometimes think to myself "What if.." and 'counting my luck'. Was it luck though? Is luck real? It's not real. Luck isn't real. I just thought now of like, if someone goes to do an exam, and another says to them "Good luck!" It's of course not down to luck. Yes, it's another phrase we say without investigating the phrase at all, but there you go. Luck doesn't have anything to do with whether one passes/fails, gets a certain grade. No. Study does. How much one studies, how much one puts in, to get out. The determination of one. Those real things.

So, when I look at my situation. Because, I see it in terms of there were so many people playing this game, and they and I Just happened to chat to eachother. Obviously, if I wasn't playing the game that day, at that specific time, and if I didn't talk/or that person talk to me, then I doubt I'd know of Desteni. So, that wasn't down to luck. I logged into the game, to meet people as I do/did. I went to a particular place in the game to meet people. They and I got talking somehow, and the rest is history. So, and, it doesn't matter that it was NOT down to my OWN self-investigation. Actually as I said that, I realised that it was down to my own self-invesitgation in terms of DECIDING to INVESTIGATE Desteni after HEARING about it. So yes, in that sense, I made a direct decision to investigate Desteni and so here I am now.

But I of course didn't find it 'through just myself/own means'. Does that matter though? No. Whatever way I found Desteni, I'm thankful. I'm thankful to that person I spoke to, I'm thankful to myself. It doesn't matter how discovery works within and as method. If it works, no matter how long it takes/what route is taken, then that is all that matters, right? I got there in the end, yes I took a different route than might be 'per usual' but now I'm here. I'm a Destonian. And that is ALL that matters.

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