Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Day 521 - Does caring mean weakness/softness?

As I was playing golf with another and this person and I had a chat about the ducks/birds on the golf course that would congregate, something occurred to me, and that is that for the majority of people, to show caring qualities to things, not only animals, but just caring in general, for other humans too, it is a sign of 'weakness' and/or 'softness'. And as that belief happens, so rings true a lack of strength/power. So, from what I see, if one displays caring qualities, it is usually looked down upon.

Having said that, I see that it differs between men and women. From the male perspective, strength/power is highly regarded and sort after, and within that, any sign of caring is generally not looked highly upon from a male's perspective. Whereas within society on the other hand, from a female perspective, caring qualities are more highly regarded for the most part, and so the ability to care for others/things is 'generally' accepted and seen as a good thing from the female perspective.

This is just basic though. Of course it can differ totally between genders, it's definitely not always the case as I said above. But basically, it's because females are seen as the more caring individuals, and men as the strong/powerful individuals. Taking away the genders though, either way, I mean...caring for one another/all life/everything, there is still a lack of strength/power for a person if they show these caring qualities. So it comes back to self-interest. If one sees themselves as highly regarded and/or better than others, and within that, separating themselves from a duty of caring for others, because they simply see others as 'less than' - that is seen by others thus as a good thing, this sort of 'attitude' and some people are compelled by that, that 'quality'. The attitude quality.

So, it's a necessity for people to work with their minds, and so their beliefs/emotions/feelings and so as to stop this separation from other things, as to be able to consider everything. Caring is simply what is best for all. We need more carers on Earth, not powerful/strong people who care only about self-interest/themselves/enjoy their own attitudes.
It's funny, because in fact the real sign of power/strength IS the ability to care for all. So, to absolutely vanquish self-interest. To be one with all life here is real power/strength ability. It is immensely gratifying/rewarding.

So, caring does in fact = strength/power. It is a genuine and powerful/strong quality to have, and to live. It is NOT a sign of weakness as it has come to be seen within society. There's nothing more powerful/strong as to be able to see from ALL thing's perspectives, and so thus to be able to assist/support them as one would like to receive that same assistance/support, I mean come on, HOW powerful/strong is that? It's incredibly powerful/strong.

Don't fear to care.

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