Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Day 523 - The wanders of fame

Fame is very interesting. A lot of people aspire to be famous/to have fame.

What does one get from fame/being famous? Of course, LOTS of money. Of course, depending on the level of fame, but usually quite a bit of money. Also, popularity. Some famous people have LEGIONS of fans. People that go ‘insane’ when seeing their idols. Of course it can also lead to unhealthy levels of obsession/popularity as well. I see that perhaps a lot of people do it for the popularity at first, the money too – both. But, with the popularity, I’m sure that grows thin on these famous people.

Not being able to go anywhere without being recognised, without being yelled at, screamed at, without having paparazzi in one’s face the whole time, literally being watched whilst doing everyday things that humans do, eat, shop. Jee..surely, that’s not an ideal thing. At the same time though, popularity brings power, money does too, but popularity especially I’d say. Because not many, if any famous people use their money for ‘world changing’ things. Yes, most famous people live in fancy/huge places, probably have servants/butlers and so on, and they give to charities, which is no long term solution whatsoever, but I haven’t seen/heard of many actual uses of power for what is best for all originating from money.

But just general popularity. It’s amazing how many famous people, how much they are adored. It’s like, ANYHTING they say, no matter the starting point of it/the tone/whatever, it will be ‘heard’ by FANS. Fanatics. The obsessed..

Even to the point of simply accepting what the famous person says, because of WHO said it, and within that, TOTALLY ignoring the message itself/whether the message is actually something that is best for all or NOT. So, that IS power. But, it’s obviously not a power that is harnessed to create a better world. This power is used to manipulate the masses, one’s legion of fans.

All of these famous people/living in fame, there are a lot out there, not just movie stars, tv stars, also singers, bands, sporting people, the amount of money most get paid is otherworldy. If even a FEW of them used the money/power/popularity they have now for something GOOD to come from the world/what is best for all...wow, it’d make a major difference to the lives of all, I’m sure. There is heaps of money out there...but it’s currently used for absolutely FRIVIOULS things, which is a HUGE pity.

I have gone a bit off track here/opened up a few other things relating to fame, but in the end, they go hand in hand, the fame, the power, the popularity, the money.

Another thing I wanted to speak of well, going back to the ‘wanders’ of fame, was the separation point. Because yeah, as I said earlier, the obsession/popularity, the lengths that fans go to see/meet these famous people is outstanding a lot of the time. So there is huge separation in this, like “WOAH, no way, I can’t believe it’s him/her! This is fucking amazing!” And then all control/common sense is lost to do what it takes to speak to/meet this person, as an example. We REALLY grow to admire fame/famous people.

But it’s important to take it back to the start. These famous people are the exact same as you and I. I’ve read plenty of stories of these famous people starting their lives ‘badly’. Like, family disagreements, homelessness, shitty jobs..now they are hugely popular and have it all. It’s the same as any occupation/thing, if one practices enough, then bang...one will be good at it. We’re all the fucking same, even if you don’t want to admit it, we are. But we are blinded by power/popularity/money/fame, that makes us see eachother as better than, worse than etc. All these beliefs regarding meaningless things, or, what SHOULD be meaningless things. Is real power/’wealth’ not to be/stand for what is best for all? What is best for all life? To accept all the way they are, no matter their background, livelihood/their past? The power of what is best for all is already a part of us ALL. It’s just that we’ve been blinded by variousssss things, and we’ve allowed ourselves to blindly follow our minds/be led on by our mind/controlled by our minds. Sooooo, it’s SIMPLY about unravelling this power of what is best for all, and this is done through Investigating DESTENI. There is a lot to learn, but it’s a fun ride to have, the ride of Desteni. The power one gains is incomparable. Do you want a new life? Look no further than Desteni, look no further than the DIP Lite course, look no further than the DIP Pro course.

Investigate something that will genuinely help yourself/others. There’s no time to waste. People are beginning to wake up, slowly...INCREASE the pace/power of this waking up through investigating Desteni.

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