Friday, 13 November 2015

Day 524 - Attention vs solution

I'm sure most have seen a post on Facebook by another (or even one by yourself) basically INDIRECTLY speaking to another, but...through a status update on Facebook that of course reaches all of one's friends on Facebook and possibly others. Facebook is just one example though, I've seen it become a more regular/common occurrence since the arrival of Facebook in particular, but of course this can happen with any social website and in person as well.

So, one speaks for example about how someone in this person's life 'left them' and/or one feels that this person and they are 'drifting apart' but yeah, in the form of a status update which reaches the masses. So, that's why it's just attention seeking. Is any solution going to happen through indirectly speaking to someone about a problem that they and you have? One may get a few comments of assistance...and some of those comment's may even refer to directly tackling the situation itself, which I've seen before, yet that person never does so and continues down the attention seeking route, the easy route more or less..

Like, if I have a problem with another and/or they have a problem with me, I must take self-responsibility and approach that person and discuss/dissect anything and everything that is causing the problem, to see where we both stand, and then of between us, come up with practical solutions that will fix something, or, if it can't be fixed, to go our separate ways for instance, obviously it all depends on the situation at hand. But, one has to directly approach the problem first hand, to get an actual solution that is practical for all.

Merely mentioning problems with another indirectly to that person and/or to others is not going to do anything at all.
But...that is what social media is a lot of the time, a form of 'venting'. A form of complaining. Sure, it can be relateable to how others feel as well, but it's still a failure on one's behalf to direct the problem and to in turn find a solution.
So, instead of the attention-seeking route/desire to relate to others/have others relate to you, be solution orientated by taking self-responsibility, finding the source of the problem, talking it out with another/have a look yourself, and see what comes out of that discussion...whether with oneself/another, find solutions, even if it means to part ways with someone..attention seeking will only feed the ego of oneself and of course at the same time, never be for the solution/about the solution/what has to be done to rectify a situation at all.

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