Monday, 16 November 2015

Day 525 - Improved methods of doing things

So, I'm in a situation whereas things have been pointed out to me on where/how I can improve certain aspects of things that I do/for myself. And within this advice/suggestions, I have this resistance, and it has to do with myself wanting to believe that everything I've done up until this point with all things that I've done has been PERFECT/seamless. I see this especially if I've been doing something that I THOUGHT was 'perfect' for quite a long time, only for this newfound advice to appear from another on how I CAN improve.

So, within doing something for a long time, believing it to be perfect/correct in every way, shape and form, then only now having these suggestions on how to improve etc, within my mind, I believe that since this is the case..that ALL things prior/that I've done in the past, before receiving this assistance/suggestions has been for NOTHING. And then I'm sort of like "Oh fuck, I wish I fucking knew this earlier/at the time of doing this thing so that I could have 'perfected' it right from the get go." Something like that.

Truth is though, there is always things that one can improve on. I was thinking of this example as I was writing this too, a bit earlier - something like lifting heavy boxes. Sure, it may be shown by my employer on how to 'correctly' lift these heavy boxes, and I could have learnt from that of course, and followed these methods to lift the heavy box correctly, BUT, it's NOT to say that this same employer and/or ANYONE could see me at a potential time of strong visibility of me lifting these heavy boxes months later/however long later, only to point out additional things that I can do to lift the heavy boxes correctly. And that can even be ADDITIONAL things from what I was taught by my employer the initial time. Because, each can have their own 'methods' of doing things, so in this case, there is NO right/wrong, because there are little nuances that each may use to lift the heavy box, so each one's method could be different, maybe only slightly, but, what's in it for me is that I can USE all of these tips, from all of the people, and so USE THESE TIPS for my own betterment/health and so on to lift the heavy box.

I've heard that old saying before, that 'one never stops learning' and it's most definitely true, but within this saying, it doesn't mean that once I learn something/learn something additionally ON TOP of something else, that everything prior was for naught. I can even teach myself/learn from myself on how to improve on things, which I have done too, that, and hearing out others' advice/suggestions on how to do things better. I mean, it should be PRETTY EVIDENT if I was doing something WITHOUT ANY success at all. I mean, going back to the heavy lifting of boxes example, if I was feeling PAIN in my back/legs EACH AND EVERY TIME, then I'd HAVE TO change my method instantly/right then and there. So, even though my method at that time may not have been 'the best' so to speak, it was still a good method, because no pain was being felt by me.

And it's a self-honest thing, on whether I heed the advice/suggestions on how to improve things that I do/have done in the past. But, it's for me to realise that heeding this advice/suggestions, it's NOT TO MARK ANYTHING THAT I'VE DONE PREVIOUSLY as WRONG or TOTALLY INCORRECT, not at all - it's simply a suggestion for my OWN BENEFIT, along with the benefit of others. It is what's best for all. And again, if I self-honestly see that this advice/suggestion will assist me, then I SHOULD EMBRACE IT, simple as that. So, to embrace both what I've done in the past, AND the suggestion/advice/improvement that I can be. Improvement is not the automatic sign that things done in the past were for nothing/pointless, improvement is to assist as what is best for all. It's also to of course realise for myself that not all things can be learnt of/known instantly, I mean, of course, a lot of things cannot be. A lot of things in fact require TIME and PATIENCE to know the 'ins and outs'. And that TIME can vary can be a long span of time. So as I said, it's necessary to embrace possible change, instead of resist it for the sake of 'being right the first time' which is just ignorance/suppression of reaching my POTENTIAL.

More to come.

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