Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Day 529 - You're never 'too' old

One quality that I admire in people is that they are still 'in touch' with their more playful side and/or 'childish' side as most would call it. Because that is the main reason many adults/older people do 'lose touch' of their playful side/childish side, because well, they see it as CHILDISH, I personally see it as very cool to still have this playful side to a person. It is playful, it is not 'childish'. There is definitely this believe that as we get older/progress through life, that we can't have fun or as much fun or be as playful or 'childlike'.

And within this as an example, children/young people/teenagers will be dismissed by an adult, because the adult sees, well, sees the child/young person/teenager and/or the activity/thing that they're doing as 'childlike' and so that adult wants nothing to do with it. When in that instance, it's the adult's believe that this person/activity/thing that they are doing is 'past them' and/or 'below them'. That is certainly not true, and it's actually rude to that child/young person/teenager.

Enjoyment doesn't 'go' with age/vanish/disappear with age. Nor do the methods of enjoyment that can be had..
Perhaps it's got something to do with seeing what that child/young person/teenager is doing and that adult seeing that it's 'beneath them' based on it being 'too easy' and/or below that adult's intellect/intelligence levels. That's still no excuse. If one, if an adult does what's best for all, then it's to see that child/young person/teenager and what they are doing/what they like doing from THEIR perspective/as them, and to within that, put oneself back into the shoes of their younger selves and so as to participate and relate and enjoy physically/practically with WHAT is here and WHO is here in the moment.

It's always best to be genuine about involvement. Genuine about enjoyment thus. And to take into consideration WHO and WHAT is involved/there at the time.

If one truly/genuinely sees everyone/everything for who they are/what they are and within this, sees what is best for all, then NOTHING is 'beneath' one. It is to thus release self from the ego/self-interest of seeing things/others as 'beneath them' and to take/accept what is here/who is here and all that is involved, because through this acceptance/understanding/perspective change through what/who is here, one can ACTUALLY and GENUINELY enjoy oneself along with what/whoever is involved within and as enjoyment/self-expression which is gratifying for all involved.

Nothing is 'beneath' you.

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